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2020 Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Summit

9 a.m.: 10 Ways that Coronavirus, Sadly, Makes Cloud Disaster Recovery Shine

The rolling public health and economic disaster which is COVID-19 is shining a bright spotlight on some of the real benefits of cloud approaches to backup and disaster recovery.

In this special webcast, our expert explores some of the ways both incremental and comprehensive cloud approaches, such as cloud backup, cloud disaster recovery and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), are proving their value in these extremely challenging times.

This session will cover:

  • Added protections of cloud approaches covering the unique needs of a newly distributed workforce
  • Flexibility of solutions
  • Spin-up of applications in the cloud as needed
  • Ability to hasten the shift from expensive on-premises datacenters
  • Robust and granular control of disaster recovery scenarios by remote IT administrators
  • Ways to manage, leverage and reinforce the cloud backup and DR provided by SaaS application providers
  • And Much More

Attend this session to see why COVID-19 may be hastening cloud backup and disaster recovery approaches and what benefits your organization can realize right away.

10 a.m.: In a Pandemic, Will That Old Plan for Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Ransomware Still Work?

Let's face it. How many organizations had business continuity plans that encompassed a pandemic that also forced a global economic shutdown and required widespread government bailouts? Had to have been a vanishingly small number. Yet that's where we are. Here's the thing, all of those far more run-of-the-mill, short-term disasters that you've tabletopped -- hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes, ransomware -- they're still ready to strike. Getting the workforce safely up-and-running was clearly priority one. Now it's time to make sure you're still prepared for more standard business interruption events with that widely distributed workforce.

This session will cover:

  • How the shift to a partial or fully remote workforce changes fundamental assumptions of business continuity plans.
  • Ways that the distributed workforce creates different risks that affect DR/BC planning.
  • How cloud backup, cloud disaster recovery and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) can fill some incremental gaps now.
  • What a comprehensive cloud disaster recovery plan should include now that it might not have required before COVID-19.

Attend this session for concrete guidance on shoring up your existing business continuity plans for the mid-pandemic enterprise.

11 a.m: Cloud DR for the Long Haul: The Many Possible COVID-19 Futures to Take Into Account

We're hearing a lot about how things will never be the same after COVID-19. Maybe. As someone responsible for your organization's business continuity, your job is to keep multiple possible scenarios in your head at once. In this can't-miss session, our experts look at three potential scenarios:

  • A quick rebound. A lot of scientists are working on treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. If the world gets lucky, there could be a treatment and a relatively quick business and economic rebound, with little in the way of systemic changes.
  • An 18-24-month wait for a vaccine. More standard timelines project an 18-month wait for a vaccine. In this scenario, stay-at-home orders and partial business shutdowns could continue on a rolling basis. More of the changes implemented to deal with that situation could become long-term realities.
  • The nightmare. No vaccine works or variations of the coronavirus keep circling the globe every few years. In this scenario, a lot of things about life and business change forever.

For each of these scenarios, we'll look at the implications for disaster recovery approaches. What are the potential mixes of on-premises, cloud backup, cloud disaster recovery and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)?

Take this opportunity to think past the next news cycle as you conceive your long-term business continuity plans.

Why Attend?

The greatest test of backup and disaster recovery policies and procedures of our lifetimes thus far isn't even really framed that way. So far COVID-19 has been largely thought of as a struggle for business survival amid often steep drops in revenue, a transition to remote work and a focus on building team capabilities through videoconferencing, chat and document sharing. Yet the implications for backup and disaster recovery are enormous. Attend this special virtual summit to see how this rapid and massive shift in the way IT is done is accelerating the industry transition to cloud-based approaches for backup, disaster recovery and business continuity in general. You'll come away with concrete ideas for filling newly opened gaps right now, as well as ways to start thinking about cloud's role in business continuity in the post-pandemic future.

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