Free Virtual Event Agenda

Free Virtual Event Agenda

9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT, Ransomware in 2021:
What to Expect in the Year Ahead, from Malware Families to Payout Trends
Join malware experts and our editors to explore what attacks you're most likely to face in the year ahead.
10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT, Ransomware Advice:
What To Do if You're Hit/Best Practices for Recover
What will you do if you're hit? What can you do? If you don't know, then this is the session you don't want to miss!
11 a.m. PDT/2 p.m. EDT, Top Tools:
Hottest Third-Party Protection Tools
Find out the best ways to spend your budget to make your environment the most secure it can be!

Why Attend?

For most of us, the question isn't if you'll be hit with ransomware; the question is when. Upfront security is essential, but the attacks are constantly evolving, and they’re even connected to old, current and emerging types of attacks, not just the infamous phishing emails. In other words, the attackers just need to succeed once, and they most likely will.

In this special editorial summit, experts gathered by Virtualization & Cloud Review and look at what organizations can do once they're hit with ransomware. We look both at what happens to organizations with no specific ransomware plan, and organizations who have planned for the worst.

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