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4 Benefits of Enabling User Activity Monitoring in Managed Environments

This guide describes how to enable visibility and regain context into employee activity through User Activity Monitoring (UAM).

Rethinking Cyber-Security in the Age of Relentless Attacks

A security strategy centered on preventing identified attacks and threats no longer provides adequate protection. New malware tactics emerge at a rate impossible for security professionals to match. Learn how to take a more pragmatic approach to strengthening your security and reduce the potential impact of security breaches.

Drive Monthly Recurring Revenue with Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup and recovery services present a strong growth opportunity for service providers. Download this IDC Spotlight to learn how cloud backup services can enable you to approach new markets – both vertical and geographical, increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Learn more.

Don’t Let a Disaster Be Your First Backup Test

This white paper gives you a glimpse into the importance of testing backups and offers best practices for how and when to test so that when hardware failure, user error, or even a disaster wipes out your systems, you can recover with speed and confidence.

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