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Dec. 12: Enterprise Hyperconvergence Summit

9 a.m. PT, Hyperconvergence 101:
What It ACTUALLY Is and Why It Matters
What’s the difference between convergence and hyperconvergence? Whether purely software-definition, of installed in a package on a single appliance, HCI can actually come in many forms. Find out exactly what hyperconvergence is and why it really is the infrastructure of your enterprise’s future.

Our Presenters:

  • Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions
  • Brien Posey, Technology Author and Speaker
  • Greg Shields, Author Evangelist, Pluralsight

10 a.m. PT, Hyperconvergence 102:
Determining ROI
One of the trickiest parts of implementing a new technology is calculating the ROI, and with HCI it’s even more difficult with all the moving parts. Our expert will walk you through the best method for determining real ROI in a newly revamped enterprise HCI environment. The session will cover what HCI can do for your bottom line, what it can do for your top line, and considerations of a gradual or hybrid approach versus a rip-and-replace initiative.

Our Presenter:

  • Daniel Kusnetzky, Analyst and Founder of Kusnetzky Group LLC

11 a.m. PT, Hyperconvergence 103:
Expert Tips for Successful Implementations and Avoiding “Gotchas”
During this session, you’ll hear detailed descriptions of the top five tips for ensuring a smooth and streamlined hyperconvergence deployment. You’ll also learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes or missteps.

Our Presenter:

  • John O'Neill, Sr., Chief Technologist, AWS Solutions

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