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Getting Multi-Cloud Under Control Summit

9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT, Multi-Cloud 101:
Grappling with the Performance Challenges of a Multi-Cloud Approach
It was hard enough to guarantee application performance when the infrastructure was entirely under your control in your own datacenter. Cloud promises to offload a lot of the upkeep that leads to performance problems, but it can be trickier to isolate the issues when there is a problem. Is it in Amazon Web Services? Azure? The Internet? The browser? Add to that the complexity involved when your application or your environment spans multiple clouds.

In this session, experts from Virtualization & Cloud Review to get best practices around:
  • Maximizing performance of cloud applications
  • Isolating performance issues in the cloud
  • Ensuring operational visibility into the performance of any cloud
  • Monitoring multiple clouds
  • Centralizing alerts and reporting for a unified view
  • And much more!

10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT, Multi-Cloud 102:
Corralling Costs in a Multi-Cloud Setting: Best Practices from the Experts
Organizations have many good reasons for using cloud offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and others -- all at the same time. Putting together a best of breed application environment where much or most of the infrastructure is someone else's responsibility is part of the appeal. But it can make it harder to control and even manage costs.

In this session, we look at best practices for getting those multi-cloud costs under control. You'll find out ways to:
  • Gain visibility into cloud costs from different cloud providers.
  • Centralize your view of cloud costs.
  • Ensure your seeing all the cloud services that different departments (like marketing) are using.
  • Standardize procurement to ensure cost controls and budgets are taken into account.

11 a.m. PDT/2 p.m. EDT, Multi-Cloud 103:
Securing a Multi-Cloud: Effective Approaches for Getting and Staying Secure
The more clouds you have, the more gaps exist between those clouds. Securing multiple clouds is tricky with multiple security models, different shared responsibility models and, of course, multiple sign-ins.

In this session, security experts will help you make sure your multi-cloud environment is as safe as it can be. We'll look at:
  • How threats to the major public cloud infrastructure platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) can be different.
  • The SaaS security threats that commonly go unaddressed, even by experienced IT teams.
  • How ransomware writers are targeting the cloud.
  • The threat of all those different logons for different clouds.
  • Best practices for securing those gaps.

Why Attend?

Usage and spending on multi-cloud was surging already when the pandemic, and its work-from-home imperatives, poured gasoline on the fire. That rush to the cloud was necessary, but it has left a situation for many organizations that involves uncoordinated usage of clouds from multiple vendors. That in turn leads to inefficiencies in performance, expenses and monitoring, as well as security gaps. Attend this half-day virtual summit to learn what you need to know now about getting multi-cloud under control.

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