SSD Smart Attributes with vSphere

What's so smart about SSDs? Plenty. Here's what you need to know when deploying them in your VMware virtualization practice.

How To Migrate VMware VMs via Open Virtualization Format

Have a fallback plan and learn how to use OVF to migrate VMware VMs.

Firmware, BIOS Updates: Your First Step To Upgrading Windows Server 2012 R2

It's always a good idea to make sure your hardware firmware and BIOS is updated prior to a major undertaking such as upgrading a server for hypervisor work. Besides, it's not that hard to do in the first place.

Configuring vSphere Flash Read Cache

It's read-only, but it's a big enough boost in speed to matter.

Five Reasons 2014 will be the Year of VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has long been hailed as the capability we should all be using.

Looking to the Cloud

I'm not one to spout my own opinions or predictions.

All Else is Virtual, So Why Not the Apps?

We've come so far with this virtualized infrastructure in terms of everything else, so is the application the problem now?

5 Reasons DR Will Be Easier in 2014

Disaster recovery will take on more importance in the next 12 months, as we virtualize more and make our mission-critical work more vulnerable to potential loss.

Improve Your Knowledge of Hyper-V in a Converged VMware Infrastructure

Or, how to get free training on Hyper-V and VMware.

Enable vFlash for Server-Side Caching

There's a new way to speed up read operations on your VMs.

How To Configure Network QoS in vSphere 5.5

vSphere 5.5 announced a few new features and enhancements related to networking and specifically quality of service.

5 Ways Fusion 6 is Making VMware Look Good in Every Form Factor

Fusion 6 delivers a number of features, five of which I've used and found to be useful. Here's what I like so far.

5 Ways Storage Is Evolving

Be sure to take advantage of these storage industry trends.

'VDI Is Just RDS for Idiots'

The headline of our column isn't our quote, but it certainly caused us to fire a few Cheerios out of our noses when reading it one morning.

Make No Assumptions About Storage Virtualization

Storage costs remain steady, but some new approaches for virtualizing storage are making it faster and more accessible.

Cloud Pros Making It Rain

Cloud, virtualization expertise in high demand, if rise in salaries is an indication.

No More Bad Luck with Properly Backed Up VMs

If you have a virtualized backup and disaster recovery plan, you don't need to count on luck for your business to remain operational any day of the year.

From Pilot to Production: 3 VDI Success Tips

VDI failures happen, but it doesn't have to happen to you. Here are three tips for success.

The Best Backup? No Backup

Backups are a thing of the past, with cloud solutions that take data protection to higher level.

How To Implement Mobile Application Management with Citrix XenMobile

Stepping through MAM is quick, easy. Here's how.

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