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  • The Automated Enterprise eBook

    The pace and scale of digital business innovation is increasing. Organizations are trying to optimize resources, speed development, and adapt faster to market changes. However, this places an extra burden on IT operations teams, who are now asked to move faster, yet manage increasingly complex IT environments. Automation can help. Read this e-book to learn more.

  • The Value of Software-defined Storage

    IT departments are struggling under exponential data growth, which is driving unexpected capacity demands and exceeding budgets. Traditional storage appliances are too cumbersome, rigid and expensive to handle this massive data growth, leading companies to move from traditional, appliance-based storage to software-defined storage. This shift is largely driven by the significant cost benefits of software-defined storage.

  • Simplifying Virtualization while Innovating with Red Hat Testimonials

    Virtualization can vastly improve efficiency, free up resources, and cut costs--without sacrificing performance, security, and existing investments. This testimonials document lists 15 enterprise customers who are using Red Hat Virtualization and 4 of them share how it's helping their business and why they chose Red Hat.

  • The Importance of Virtualization in the Modern DataCenter

    In this whitepaper, IDC details the role virtualization will play in the software-defined datacenter, the cloud, and cloud-native application technology like containers. The paper also examines the features and benefits of Red Hat® Virtualization, including integration across the Red Hat stack and interoperability with Microsoft. Learn more.

  • Infographic - The Best Windows 10 VDI User Experience

    Take a look at this infographic to see the advantages of virtual graphics processing unit (GPU) technologies for meeting the new normal of business users’ graphics needs while lowering CPU utilization. Read on.

  • The Need for Graphics Virtualization in Modern End-User Computing Environments

    Read this IDC Technology Spotlight to find out what IT can do to transform itself into a more business-oriented organization to meet the expectations of business users by embracing virtual graphics processing unit (GPU) technologies. Read on.

  • The Top Four Reasons Windows 10 VDI Needs GPUs

    Read this eBook to learn why Windows 10 VDI needs GPUs including Windows 10 high graphics requirement, rising number of apps needing accelerated graphics, expectations for enhanced end user experience, and savings on CPU consumption. Learn more.

  • See the Difference Yourself - How to set up your own Windows 10 VDI test environment with NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions

    Read this white paper to find out how organizations moving to Windows 10 for virtualization can easily conduct their own side-by-side testing to determine if they need to consider leveraging GPUs for all workloads. Learn more.

  • Accelerate Adoption & Create Value from Your Cloud Strategy

    Read this Solutions Brief to find out how creative implementation of cloud and edge computing hardware and software, can help your business become an innovation leader. Read on.

  • A Journey Through Hybrid IT and the Cloud

    Hybrid IT has moved from buzzword status to reality. Some aspects of your infrastructure may remain in a traditional setting, while another part runs on cloud infrastructure. So, what does this mean for you? Read on.

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