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  • Prepare Your Environment for Copilot for Microsoft 365 - Applying Zero Trust Principles to Your Adoption Strategy

    Get a deep dive on why Zero Trust and a Microsoft E5 upgrade are critical to a secure Copilot for Microsoft 365 deployment. In this guide, we unpack all the ways you can prepare your environment for Copilot for Microsoft 365 — using Zero Trust principles and the full value of Microsoft E5 licensing.

  • When “As Secure As Possible” Isn’t Enough: Why Now Is the Time to Move to Microsoft 365 E5

    As bad actors uplevel their approaches, Microsoft E5 is helping organizations rise to the challenge. In this comprehensive whitepaper, you’ll get thorough guidance for an upgrade to Microsoft E5 from Microsoft E3, key considerations and beyond.

  • Shield of Excellence: Securing & Simplifying the Business with Microsoft E5

    The shift from Microsoft E3 to E5 is making a huge difference in security posture and peace of mind. In this infographic, you’ll explore some of the top benefits of E5, how it goes above and beyond conventional security, and why clients across industries trust Insight with their Microsoft E5 investments.

  • The Shifting Paradigm of the CIO

    Download this free guide to delve into the strategic imperatives that will define success of CIOs in 2024 and beyond.

  • The Tech Leader’s Guide to Getting Started with GenAI

    Read this eBook to learn how you can leverage GenAI and determine the right use case that will seamlessly integrate and generate ROI for your business.

  • The CIO’s Guide to Generative AI

    Now is the time to fortify your AI ambition and build real solutions for everyday problems to drive efficiency and competitive differentiation. This guide delves into Generative AI’s diverse applications, necessary resources, and the strategic considerations that CIOs must weigh for successful implementation.

  • S.E.C.U.R.E.™ Framework

    Join us as we discuss our S.E.C.U.R.E.™ Framework and decode the complexity of cybersecurity.

  • What can VMware Horizon customers expect from the KKR acquisition?

    For the last 18 months, the VMware community has been struggling to read the tea leaves of the impending Broadcom acquisition. Despite assurances to the contrary, customers' and partners' worst expectations have been fulfilled.

  • How to Tackle Your Remote Work Challenges

    While many organizations already had work-from-home policies in place, many others struggled to create and implement policies to address new challenges, like the ability to access, collect, and analyze data from remote computers, workplace applications, and mobile devices. Is your organization equipped to tackle the challenges of this new normal?

  • Apporto vs. VMware Horizon - Vendor Comparison

    VMware Horizon vs. Apporto – Virtual Desktop Provider Comparison: Dive into the comprehensive guide comparing two of the leading virtual desktop solutions and understand which is the best fit for your organization.

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