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  • Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

    Gartner has done the research for you. Help your organization make an informed IT decision regarding flash storage. Read the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays to gain insights regarding the future state of the storage market and an independent vendor comparison. Also learn why Pure Storage achieved the furthest overall position for completeness of vision.

  • Flash Storage Buyer's Guide

    Even if you haven't deployed flash in your infrastructure yet, chances are, in the next year it's likely to happen. To help you get started, we developed a comprehensive, vendor-neutral Flash Storage Buyer's Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide a basis for evaluating and selecting the best flash storage solution for your business.

  • All-Flash Data Centers for Dummies

    In this white paper learn how Smart storage solutions, such as all-flash systems, provide companies with cloud-like productivity, efficiency, and economics. Learn more.

  • Master of Your Virtual IT Universe: Trust But Verify at Any Scale

    This ebook covers practical examples of optimization, automation, and reporting in the virtual data center.

  • Gartner Innovation Insight: Dynamic Optimization Technology for Infrastructure Resources and Cloud Services

    With increasing business unit IT spending on cloud services, IT leaders must prevent new risks, sprawl, cost overruns and missed SLAs. Dynamic optimization technology can help balance the benefits of agility with required governance controls for cloud services and virtualized infrastructure. Read more!

  • Capacity Management in the Modern Data Center

    Capacity management has existed since the advent of server-based computing, dating back to the age of the mainframe. Commercial tools have existed for over 30 years with each successive generation of server platform creating its own unique requirements. This white paper explores the traditional methods of capacity management, the new approach IT must adopt to stay competitive and how you can assure application performance while scaling your infrastructure.

  • Public Cloud Guide

    When Amazon Web Services officially launched in 2006 it was fulfilling a growing need for self-service computing. The dot-com era had come and gone. A digital economy was growing out of the ashes. Today, a decade later, applications have become the lifeblood of the enterprise. With a mandate to build more and build faster, on-demand cloud computing has been a godsend to developers. Learn more.

  • The Path to Hybrid Cloud

    The hybrid cloud has been heralded as a promising IT operational model enabling enterprises to maintain security and control over the infrastructure on which their applications run. At the same time, it promises to maximize ROI from their local data center and leverage public cloud infrastructure for an occasional demand spike. With public cloud advances and the ability to choose between a local data center and multiple public cloud offerings, one fundamental question must still be answered: What, When and Where do you run workloads to guarantee performance while maximizing the efficiency. Read now!

  • The CIO Guide to Autonomic IT

    Organizations are adopting cloud computing to accelerate service delivery. Some try to deliver cloud economies of scale in their private data centers with the mantra “automate everything,” a philosophy often simpler in theory than practice. Others have opted to leverage public cloud resources for the added benefit of the pay-as-you-go model, but are finding it difficult to keep costs in check. Regardless of approach, cloud technology poses the same challenge IT has faced for decades: how to assure application performance while minimizing costs. Learn more.

  • Desktop Transformation: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Get Started

    What is desktop transformation? What role can it play in your organization? And what benefits can it deliver to your IT team and your employees? This resource explores these and other questions, as well as a new desktop strategy that can help you streamline operations, improve productivity, enhance security, and give your end users freedom. Access now and you’ll take a look at eight frequently asked questions about desktop transformation and how you can get your project started today.

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