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  • Ransomware Protection Buyer’s Guide

    Victimized organizations pay a steep price for these attacks, suffering business downtime, data loss, and lost revenue. Don’t let your company be next. Download our guide to understand ransomware threats and what you can do to protect your organization.

  • ESG Analyst Report: How a Private Cloud Addresses the Kubernetes Storage Challenge

    Kubernetes offers a highly-dynamic environment for modern applications. But it presents new challenges in deploying and managing persistent storage. Read this paper to gain insight into the obstacles, and learn why S3-compatible private cloud storage offers real solutions.

  • TCO Report: Cloud Storage vs. On Premises Storage

    In this paper, we compare the economics of on-premises object storage with public cloud for enterprise storage.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Object Storage

    This comprehensive eBook details what you should consider when evaluating new storage solutions, especially cutting edge solutions like hyperscale object storage which provides ultimate flexibility and scalability while helping you reap the maximum ROI from your storage investment.

  • Eight Storage Requirements for AI and Deep Learning

    Data is the life-blood of artificial intelligence and deep learning (AI and DL). Vast quantities of training data enhance accuracy in the search for potentially predictive relationships. This paper delivers eight specific storage requirements of AI and DL applications and why they demand the data management capabilities supplied by enterprise object storage solutions.

  • Modern Office 365 Data Protection Challenges

    OffsiteDataSync and Veeam identify and review the risks, regulations, and challenges associated with the ability to recover and retain data for your Office 365 backups. Learn how to plan, communicate, and collaborate your Office 365 Backup strategy to protect the data that Microsoft does not.

  • Simplify Your Security Operations

    Learn how automation can help you safeguard your business and respond to growing security threats faster.

  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

    Learn how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helps deliver a more consistent user experience and accelerate collaboration between teams.

  • Enterprise automation with a DevOps methodology

    Learn practical steps and best practices for enterprise network automation implementation.

  • The Automated Enterprise e- book

    Learn how to use automation for infrastructure, network, and other critical IT services. See how platforms like Red Hat Ansible work to transform IT.

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