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  • Acronis Backup Advanced vs. Veeam Availability Suite v8 White Paper Cover

    Acronis Backup Advanced crushes Veeam Availability Suite in independent test. Network Testing Labs recently ran a battery of performance tests on data backup and recovery products from Acronis and Veeam. Read the full report here.

  • 6 Tips to Eliminate Latency in Your Virtual Environment White Paper Cover

    Step-by-step tips on how to fight high latency.

  • Capacity Planning in Virtual Environments White Paper Cover

    vExpert Eric Siebert provides key insights into capacity planning and why it’s important.

  • The Hyper-Convergence Effect: Do Virtualization Management Requirements Change? White Paper Cover

    Does it change management requirements? Get the scoop from vExpert Eric Siebert.

  • The Three Pillars of Effective Disaster Recovery White Paper Cover

    Download the CenturyLink whitepaper: “The Three Pillars of Effective Disaster Recovery: DRaaS + Networking + Managed Hosting.” Learn how each pillar is essential as they combine to form the essential footing of an effective DR solution.

  • Managed Security in Financial Services White Paper Cover

    Download the CenturyLink whitepaper: “Leveraging IT Infrastructure as a Service Enables Agile Responses to Constantly Changing Threats” to learn how you can help your organization protect itself — and its customers — from evolving internal and external threats.

  • Forrester Survey: Web & Mobile Investments Drive Revenue and Loyalty White Paper Cover

    This Technology Adoption Profile survey by Forrester Consulting evaluates the current adoption, trends and challenges associated with hosted eCommerce solutions.

  • Enhancing IT Resiliency White Paper Cover

    Download CenturyLink’s executive brief, “Superstorm-Proof Your IT Infrastructure: How To Achieve 100% Resiliency” to learn more about why a responsive, current and customized IT infrastructure is crucial to maintaining uptime and mitigating disasters.

  • The Essential VDI Guide White Paper Cover

    Desktop management at any scale is a tedious job. Imaging, reimaging, and troubleshooting desktop systems consume valuable IT resources, and keep employees from being productive. Securing the information generated on desktops, tablets, and smartphones is no simple job either.

  • How Hybrid Flash Array Helps Businesses Do More With Less White Paper Cover

    Data integrity and ultra-high performance dictate the success and growth of many companies.

  • Achieve Predictable-Consistent Performance with Hybrid Flash White Paper Cover

    The nature of the financial services industry places a myriad of international compliance requirements on a company's IT team, as well as an expectation by its customers to deliver the high test levels of performance and reliability.

  • Tapping the True Value of Data White Paper Cover

    Is your enterprise’s data treated equal instead of based upon its business value? Concerned over time it takes to get business critical systems live after downtime?

  • Case Study: Data warehouse Builds More Agile, Private Cloud with Red Hat CloudForms White Paper Cover

    Find out how a large enterprise data warehouse company used Red Hat CloudForms to create a private cloud that including automated provisioning and self service for developers and testers, enabling them to build, test, and release new product versions faster. This reduced the time to market for new versions of the company’s software and increased agility.

  • Enterprise Grade Management for OpenStack White Paper Cover

    In this technical detail, we describe how CloudForms offers you a unified management framework with advanced life cycle management capabilities across infrastructure platforms, such as OpenStack, VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, and Amazon.

  • Advanced Virtual & Cloud Management for VMware Environments and Beyond White Paper Cover

    It's time to manage all your VMware machines through 1 tool. Red Hat® CloudForms gives you visibility and control throughout your whole infrastructure—from individual VMware machines to your entire cloud and virtualization infrastructure.

  • Dual-source Virtualization Clears Path to Open Hybrid Clouds White Paper Cover

    An open hybrid approach to building private clouds is the best way to maximize benefits—cost-effectiveness, flexible computing, and storage capacity without single-vendor limitations. Read how Red Hat's range of components will meet these goals in this CIO Quick Pulse paper.

  • Printer Installer: Eliminating Print Servers

    Printer Installer is an on-premise web application that enables you to centrally manage and deploy Windows shared or direct iP printers. Printer installer also empowers your end-users to self-install printers with a single, web-based, printer installation portal for your entire enterprise. Learn more.

  • Why You Should Date a Cloud but Never Marry One

    Getting tied down with one cloud provider is a bad idea. In this white paper, find out why, and find out how to manage cloud providers effectively. Learn more!

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Hyperconverged Systems 2014 Vendor Assessment

    Learn the emerging trends in hyperconverged datacenters. Get the newly released IDC Marketscape report for 2015 to understand the leading solutions in the rapidly evolving Hyperconverged Platforms market segment. Read more!

  • Web-Scale 101: From Hyper-Convergence to Cloud Infrastructure

    What do growing trends like converged infrastructure and hyper-convergence really mean for your business? Learn the new approach to datacenter infrastructure that is set to transform enterprise IT. Learn more!

  • Migration Planning Kit Microsoft Windows Server

    Microsoft will end support for Windows 2003 in July, 2015. What does this mean to you? It comes down to this: there will be no further patches or security updates, which puts your business at risk. With Microsoft estimating that it takes 200 days to migrate an application, the time is now to start your move.

  • SharePoint 2013 with Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

    Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the most widely used enterprise web application platforms, providing various business intelligence features, while enhancing collaboration and content management. However, in order for applications to perform to the best of their ability, deploying an application delivery controller (ADC) is essential.

  • Lync 2013 with Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

    Chances are your business utilizes a specific type of application that allows users to communicate across the network. To keep up with new technology changes and ensure your applications are running efficiently, it is critical to have an application delivery controller (ADC) in place. So where exactly do you begin?

  • Exchange 2013 – Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

    Utilizing the right application delivery controller (ADC) within your organization can make all the difference when it comes to applications. What you need is an ADC that can load balance, accelerate, optimize and secure your enterprise applications. Learn more!

  • NetScaler for Microsoft Exchange 2013

    Access this white paper to learn how the industry’s leading application delivery controller allows you to get more out of Exchange. You’ll learn how this approach allows you to reduce costs associated with deploying, managing, and operating your server environment.

  • NetScaler for Microsoft Lync 2013

    An enterprise-ready unified communications platform, such as Microsoft Lync, has the power to connect people wherever there is network connectivity. So how do you ensure that this type of communication is able to provide maximum uptime, security from malicious activity, and access from a range of devices?

  • NetScaler Optimizes, Secures and Controls your Microsoft Application Delivery

    Companies need their applications to run smoothly in order to keep customers happy. Achieving this goal can be difficult, especially with so many different applications running at once. How can you make sure your clients are satisfied, without raising management costs?

  • NetScaler for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

    Businesses are always on a mission to improve inefficient processes. They need to ensure real time communication, easy access to data files, and above all, collaboration. What kind of solution can enable all of these at once?

  • Don’t Let a Disaster Be Your First Backup Test

    This white paper gives you a glimpse into the importance of testing backups and offers best practices for how and when to test so that when hardware failure, user error, or even a disaster wipes out your systems, you can recover with speed and confidence.

  • Brief Comparison of Disaster Recovery Technologies

    What is Hypervisor-based replication and how does it compare to other industry leading disaster recovery technologies. Find out in this brief comparison doc designed to help you choose the best BC/DR solution for your company.

  • Recovering from the Year of the Data Breach: Making 2015 Better than 2014

    The year 2014 was the worst for data security in the history of the Internet. So far, 2015 isn’t starting out much better. What can organizations do to better protect their data? Find out in this white paper.

  • StarWind Virtual SAN Hardware Agnostic Hyper-Convergence for Microsoft Hyper-V

    Want to use less hardware? You can with software-defined storage management. Find out in this white paper how software-defined storage management can extract the full value out of a Hyper-V deployment.

  • How to Eliminate Print Servers in Citrix Environments

    Printing in a Citrix environment is challenging. PrinterLogic gives you the ability to eliminate print servers and provision printers into Citrix session using the Citrix Universal Driver, Citrix auto-created printers and session printers.

  • Eliminate Print Servers, Reduce Service Desk Calls, Centrally Manage your Print Environment

    Managing print servers is challenging. PrinterLogic eliminates the need for print servers and enables centrally managed direct IP printing. In addition, users are empowered to self-install their own printers, all but eliminating printer-related service desk calls.

  • IDC Whitepaper: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

    As the number of virtual workloads surpass the number of physical workloads with the maturing or the virtualization market, IDC data indicates that as many as one third of virtualization customers are planning to use multiple hypervisors over the next year.

  • Dual-Source Virtualization Clears Path to Open Hybrid Clouds

    This executive brief provides results of a CIO Magazine Quick Pulse poll sponsored by Red Hat which highlights the industry move to private cloud technology and hybrid cloud environments through dual-source virtualization wherein companies value security, performance and support in a quest to build the new IT paradigm.

  • How DreamWorks Animation Improved Its Production Process Using Red Hat

    DreamWorks Animation—the force behind hit films like Shrek, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon—uses open source software and cloud computing to create much of its movie magic.

  • British Airways Chooses Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to Improve IT Systems to Build Internal Cloud

    Red Hat, Inc. the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that British Airways, a global airline and market leader in the travel industry, has deployed Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization on its infrastructure. Through this Red Hat technology, British Airways is benefiting from a highly available and scalable IT architecture.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: VMware Migration

    In this paper, we summarize the benefits of our approach, and provide an overview of the steps required to move your Linux® and Windows VMs from VMware to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

  • Preparing for Private Cloud and Hybrid IT with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

    IT organizations continue to run many of their traditional applications on premise, moving to private cloud, while using public shared cloud for selected other workloads—often the noncore and self-contained ones. Learn more.

  • Gigaom Research: Tangible Advantages of SDN-powered Scale Out Storage

    This report examines the traditional scale-up architecture and the challenges it faces in today’s datacenters by exploring the evolution of the software-defined scale-out approach, discovering where this new model for storage is really a better idea.

  • Architecting Large Virtualization Environments Using Web Scale Storage

    Learn how web-scale storage provides organizations of any size with a storage architecture that provides significant ease of scale, the right levels of capacity and performance while reducing storage management and driving down overall storage costs.

  • 2014 Web-scale Storage Report

    Learn how web-scale storage provides organizations of any size with streamlined storage services that delivers the right levels of capacity and performance while reducing storage management and driving down overall storage costs.

  • The Five Key Characteristics of Web-Scale Storage

    Learn about the five characteristics that embody web-scale storage and understand how this architectural option provides enterprises with greater levels of flexibility, agility, and cost control, enabling IT to focus their efforts on service delivery, not technology.

  • Windows Server 2003 Migration

    Migrating from WS2003 is an opportunity to consolidate servers. PrinterLogic enables you to completely eliminate your print servers and gets rid of the headaches associated with migrating from your print environment.

  • Exploring a Scale Out Storage Solution

    A storage solution is only as successful its ability to adapt to an organization’s needs. Find out in this white paper how to choose the right storage platform and the benefits it can produce.

  • Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy

    This ebook for IT administers shows how creating solid documentation and using it is something you can do to make sure you have fast, reliable recoveries and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

  • Web-Scale IT for the Enterprise: The Journey to Modernization

    What is web-scale IT, and what can it do for your organization? Find out in this comprehensive guide from GigaOm Research.

  • Windows Server 2003 Migration Solutions

    Windows Server 2003 support is ending. Be prepared with this migration guide.

  • Web-Scale 101: Your Guide to Hyper-Converged Datacenters

    What do growing trends like converged infrastructure and hyper-convergence really mean for your business? Learn the new approach to datacenter infrastructure that is set to transform enterprise IT.

  • Storage Defined Software for Dummies

    The Dummies series offers this guide to storage-defined software, packed with information on how software can enable companies to run more efficient datacenters.

  • Struggling With the Complexity of Legacy IT?

    Download this IDC report to learn how your organization can benefit from converged infrastructure.

  • The Future of Enterprise Storage: SDS and Hyper-Converged

    The future of the enterprise data center is all about hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. Discover more about them in this white paper.

  • Forrester Research Evaluates Web-Scale Converged Appliance

    In this Forrester Research report, learn now a converged appliance can help tackle the growing demand for advanced converged infrastructure solutions within mainstream enterprises.

  • Cloud Fabric: Enabling the Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud is becoming the preferred model for IT. Learn how Zerto’s Cloud Fabric is the infrastructure that meets your needs without disruption to the business and enables full business continuity. Read now!

  • Migration Planning Kit - Microsoft Windows Server 2003

    Nutanix not only helps you migrate, it also addresses the limitations of traditional centralized storage. We can help you get all the benefits without the challenges of a traditional 3-tier infrastructure.

  • IDC MarketScape Excerpt: Worldwide Client Virtualization Software 2013 Vendor Assessment

    IDC has placed Citrix in the 2013 IDC MarketScape Leaders Category once again noting that, “Citrix’s position reflects the company’s market leadership and ability to push the client virtualization agenda for the rest of the industry”. Download the MarketScape now.

  • The Rising Value - and Falling Cost - of App and Desktop Virtualization

    The growing strategic value of desktop virtualization technology is advancing quickly, providing new ways to enable business mobility and increase the flexibility that organizations need to thrive. Read this white paper to see how falling cost factors in every part of the desktop virtualization architecture making it more affordable than ever.

  • VDI and Beyond: Addressing Top IT Challenges to Drive Agility and Growth

    In this white paper learn how a highly mobile and complex workforce needs a flexible solution for accessing apps, desktops, and data. Read on!

  • IDC Whitepaper: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

    As the number of virtual workloads surpass the number of physical workloads with the maturing or the virtualization market, IDC data indicates that as many as one third of virtualization customers are planning to use multiple hypervisors over the next year. Learn more.

  • Mobile Workspaces: Deliver the Optimum User Experience While Enabling Mobility and Productivity

    Analyst ESG discusses mobility trends impacting enterprise organizations and how a mobile workspace solution that combines app and desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility management, secure file sharing and networking supports business mobility, greater information security, and increased productivity.

  • Hyper-V Virtual Labs Tips and Tricks

    Although most backup administrators understand the importance of testing their backups, comprehensive testing has often proven to be illusive. Server virtualization solves this problem by making lab testing much easier, but only if the virtual lab is configured properly. This white paper explores the challenges and benefits of testing your backups in a virtual lab.

  • The Top Ten Things Every IT Pro Using Hyper-V Needs to Know

    Hyper-V has cemented itself in many organizations and nearly every company is using or evaluating Hyper-V today however many of these virtualization IT Pros are new to Hyper-V if not Microsoft technologies in general which is why this paper will arm readers with the most important ten things every Hyper-V using IT Pro needs to know. Learn more!

  • Top Ten Best Practices for vSphere Application Backups

    In a virtualized world, different backup solutions can gather data from different locations, complicating data protection for enterprise applications. This white paper offers ten best practices for backing up critical business applications in a vSphere environment.

  • Free Study Guide for Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409

    This study guide for Microsoft's 74-409 Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center exam will take you through each of the exam objectives, helping you to prepare for and pass the examination

  • VMware vSphere Backups: What are you Missing?

    This white paper explains the vSphere backup process and highlights what may be missing in your environment. Follow these four steps to help ensure a successful vSphere backup. Read on.

  • Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 in Depth

    Interested in Windows Server 2012 R2 deduplication? In this white paper by MVP Mike Resseler you will find all the details you need to know to get you started. Learn how deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 works including what methods are used and what you need to keep an eye on when starting with a deduplication project.

  • Best Practices for Virtualizing and Protecting Exchange Server

    Microsoft Exchange Server is really designed for use with physical hardware—and virtualization adds another layer of complexity. This white paper by MVP Brien Posey explains several best practices for successfully virtualizing Exchange.

  • Hyper-V Backup and Storage Best Practices

    Do you look at Hyper-V with questions on what the best approaches are for backup and storage? There are many decision points as well as approaches to take, some of which aren’t optimal for the current Hyper-V offering. This white paper from 11x MVP Brien Posey will look closely at key technologies for storage and backup for Hyper-V with additional perspective from Veeam.

  • vSphere 5.5 Top New Features and Upgrade Tips

    The latest version of VMware vSphere has a number of compelling features for companies looking to build modern data centers for service-centric IT organizations. This paper will navigate critical topics for companies on previous versions of vSphere as well as organizations starting the virtualization process.

  • A Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

    Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning are a challenge for organizations with demanding SLAs. This white paper highlights the factors to consider when planning BC and DR strategy and explains how to put those strategies into action.

  • Tape and Cloud Strategies for VM Backups

    In recent years, disk-based backup and recovery solutions have become increasingly popular as organizations strive to meet demanding recovery objectives (RTOs and RPOs) while providing a solution to easily manage data protection needs. Read on.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Virtualize Exchange

    This white paper is about the top five reasons to virtualize Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and 2013, and the issues you should consider when deciding whether to install Exchange on physical servers or Virtual Machines. Read on.

  • Microsoft VSS: What Every VMware Admin Needs to Know

    Even VMware vSphere environments must respect Microsoft technology when it comes to application backups. Respecting how Microsoft VSS operates, and how your backup solution integrates with it, has become a mission-critical skill in Modern Data Protection. Learn more.

  • Bringing Automation to the Datacenter

    Bring value to your organization by automating your datacenter. Wondering how to get going and what needs to be automated? Or if automation will cost you more than that it costs to manually perform tasks? In this white paper, industry expert Mike Resseler tackles many topics.

  • Free VCAP5-DCA Study Guide

    Free VCAP5-DCA Study Guide For those currently holding their VCP certification and want to take it up a notch, Jason and Josh have you covered with the 248-page VCAP5-DCA study guide. Using this study guide along with hands-on lab time will help you in the three and a half hours, lab-based VCAP5-DCA exam.

  • Aligning Your Business Needs with Veeam Backup & Replication

    In this white paper learn the importance of defining the services that an IT department delivers to the business and what levels of protection are required by these services. Once able to define the services and levels of protection required we will delve into the Veeam Backup and Replication V7 to understand how it can help you meet these requirements, from a simple backup to replication of a mission critical application.

  • Veeam Backup & Replication v7: A VMware Architect’s Favorite Features

    Download 'Veeam Backup & Replication v7: A VMware Architect’s Favorite Features' and learn about many of the additions to the Veeam Backup & Replication family. This white paper compares how we did things in v6.5 and how we do them in v7 to give you, the backup administrator, a deep technical understanding of the product to gain better results in your backup environment.