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    The Total Economic Impact™ Of Pivot3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    103% ROI. And a payback period of just 7 months. Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study™ to learn how Pivot3 can maximize your return with hyperconverged infrastructure.

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    What Will You Do with All the Money You Save?

    Read this white paper to learn how Aberdeen’s solution to mushrooming data storage requirements eliminates the storage density problem and conserves valuable rack real estate while delivering maximum cost savings.

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    Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays

    This Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluates 13 solid-state vendors, revealing the strengths and weakness of each. Discover how leading vendors measure up according to 15 critical criteria, including: overall viability; customer experience; innovation; business model; and 11 more!

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    VM-Aware Storage for Dummies

    Only VM‐aware storage (VAS) is specifically built for virtualized applications, stripping out the complexity of physical storage management so that you can focus on the applications that matter most for your business.

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    Bimodal IT Conquered: What to Look for in an IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider

    Read this white paper to learn how a family of solutions can offer ways to work in the “Bimodal” style that both maintains mission-critical applications and supports new and agile development.

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    IT Resilience: Building Fault Tolerant Architectures

    Learn how to build an IT architecture that leverages the perfect balance of on-premises and cloud infrastructure to deliver more high-performing, resilient, and agile IT at lower costs.

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    Trends in Server Virtualization

    Read this e-book to learn about: the downside of virtualization; backup issues that are unique to virtualization; new backup & recovery capabilities; and how to ensure business continuity.

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    eBook: Enterprise DBAs on Flash – Real Stories

    Performance Gains, Surprising Survival of an Array-Killing Scenario & Post-Migration DBA Life. Tech pros seek insights and share unvarnished opinions in independent forums all over the web. That’s where this Real Stories project & research started. This report is drawn entirely from Pure Storage Real Users’ words, observations and experiences. All Stories are used with permission.

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    How to Make Oracle Databases Faster and More Efficient with Pure Storage

    All-flash storage is a next generation infrastructure technology that has the potential to unlock a new level of employee productivity and accelerate your business by reducing the amount of time spent waiting for database and applications.

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    Consolidated Workloads with VMWare and Pure Storage – ESG analyst report

    IT now services a range of virtual desktop users. Read this Lab Validation Report to learn the results of tested workloads for desktop virtualization using Horizon View and server virtualization for email and databases.

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