OpenStack Targets Enterprise Workloads with Icehouse

The OpenStack Foundation on Thursday released its planned Icehouse build of the open source cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) operating system.

New OpenStack builds are released in April and October of every year, and the latest Icehouse build boasts tighter platform integration and a slew of new features, including single sign-on support, discoverability and support for rolling upgrades. More

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SAP Releases Business Suite, HANA as Cloud Services

Of all the major software companies, SAP is regarded as a laggard when it comes to transitioning its business from a traditional supplier of business applications to offering them as a service in the cloud. Lately, it has stepped up that effort.

SAP this week took the plunge, making its key software offerings available in the cloud as subscription-based services. Specifically, its HANA in-memory database is now available as a subscription service. Also available as a service is the SAP Business Suite, which includes the company's ERP, financial and industry-specific applications. The SAP Business Suite also runs on HANA, which provides business intelligence and real-time key performance indicators. The HANA-based SAP Business Warehouse is also now available as a service. The company announced its plans to offer the SAP Business Suite and HANA as a service last year. More

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Microsoft Puts Spotlight on Azure at Build

Microsoft has strong ambitions for its Azure public cloud service, with 12 datacenters now in operation around the globe -- including two launched last week in China -- and an additional 16 datacenters planned by year's end.

At this week's Build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft showed how serious it is about advancing Azure.  More

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Study: Security Remains a Barrier to Cloud Migrations

Some of the largest enterprises are moving from monolithic datacenter architectures to private and hybrid clouds, according to the third-annual Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) membership survey (.PDF).

More than half of the ODCA's members (52 percent) are actively shifting their application development plans with cloud architectures, and are already running a significant portion of their operations in private clouds. More

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Microsoft Hits Back at Amazon with Azure Price Cuts

The price war between Microsoft and Amazon continued Monday, when Microsoft responded to Amazon's recent round of cloud compute and storage price cuts by slashing the rates for its Windows Azure -- soon to be Microsoft Azure -- cloud service.

Microsoft is lowering the price of its Azure compute services by 35 percent and its storage service by 65 percent, the company announced. More

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Amazon Launches Virtual Desktop Service, Slashes Prices Again

Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week made its new cloud-based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering generally available.

The release of Amazon WorkSpaces, announced in November at its re:Invent customer and partner conference in Las Vegas, will provide a key measure for whether there's a broad market for DaaS. More

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Google's New Managed VMs Combine Best of IaaS and PaaS

Google is the latest major IT provider looking to gain wider usage of its enterprise cloud services with the addition of new Managed Virtual Machines, designed to offer the best attributes of IaaS and PaaS.

The company also added several new offerings to its cloud portfolio, and -- looking to make a larger dent in the market -- slashed the price of its compute, storage and other service offerings.  More

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Cisco Announces $1 Billion 'Intercloud' Effort

Cisco on Monday announced it will invest $1 billion over the next two years to develop what it says will be the world's largest cloud.

The company's "Intercloud" project will endeavor to join, figuratively, the major providers that offer public cloud services, including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Hewlett-Packard,, VMware, Rackspace and IBM. The Intercloud will essentially be a cloud of clouds that is aimed at letting enterprise customers move workloads between private, hybrid and public cloud services. More

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Cloudera Raises $160M, Will Expand Hadoop Resources

As it eyes an initial public offering, Cloudera this week raised $160 million in funding from some big-name investors. The company plans to invest much of the proceeds in engineering resources to extend its contributions to the Apache Hadoop community.

Cloudera, the leading provider of Apache Hadoop, an open source framework for storing and processing in real-time large-scale unstructured datasets using commodity hardware and cloud infrastructure, received the huge infusion from T. Rowe Price, Google Ventures and an affiliate of MSD Capital, the private investment firm for Michael Dell and his family. More

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Pivotal's Maritz: Old-Line Companies Will Scrap Legacy IT Systems

A growing number of traditional enterprises are showing an increasing willingness to deploy modern cloud-based architectures that are open and enable real-time streaming of data, even if it means discarding legacy systems.

That's the observation of Pivotal Software CEO Paul Maritz, who said a third of all companies realize if they don't take major steps, they risk being obfuscated by upstarts and competitors who have done so. More

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AWS Changes to Account Access Key Management Imminent

Amazon Web Services customers will no longer have the ability to retrieve keys to their root accounts effective April 21.

While Amazon announced the pending change last summer, it issued a reminder this week. More

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SolidFire Adds Fiber Channel, Cloud Connectivity to Flash Storage

SolidFire, a startup that provides flash storage for enterprises and cloud service providers, on Thursday said the next release of its Element OS that powers its arrays will fill some key gaps.

The new platform, called Carbon, will gain Fiber Channel connectivity and real-time replication to public clouds.

The company is one of many new providers of storage arrays that support flash-based solid state drives, which are gaining ground in organizations that require higher performance than traditional disk drives provide. More

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