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  • IDC: Automating the last mile, Ensuring consistency and scalability

    As companies share infrastructure and workloads outside of the datacenter, read why automation strategy is critical for consistency and scalability.

  • Automation at the edge: 7 industry use cases and examples

    Adding automation and services at the edge means there's more to manage outside the normal operations sphere. Download this e-book to learn more.

  • IDC Spotlight - Preparing for Disruption with IT Resilience

    Threats to data and reliability are more persistent and disruptive now than ever before. Besides external threats like ransomware, datacenter outages and natural disasters, organizations also have to protect their data against insider threats like human error and accidental (or intentional) deletion. Organizations rely on data and functioning data processing applications to keep their operations running and their customers satisfied, but if those get compromised, the disruption to their business can be irreparable.

  • Get the Latest Gartner® Market Guide

    The latest Gartner Market Guide for Email Security offers guidance to ensure that your email security solution remains appropriate for the changing landscape — particularly in the face of increasing malware, Business Email Compromise, account takeover threats, and other sophisticated attacks.

  • 2021 Email Threat Report: It Started Out With a Phish

    Our 2021 Email Threat Report analyzes the top threats seen over a period of a year across organizations of all industries and sizes. What starts out as a phishing email eventually leads to crippling supply chain attacks, business email compromises (BECs), ransomware and large financial losses.

  • 7 Ways to Prevent Supply Chain Phishing Attacks

    Your email and digital communications with suppliers, partners, vendors and other third parties represent a significant risk — a risk made frighteningly clear by the recent SolarWinds and FireEye breaches.

  • BEC in 2022: Advanced Techniques for Fighting Financial Phishing Fraud

    Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most financially damaging cybercrimes according to the FBI. Yet many organizations continue to underestimate — and underreport — the severity of BEC attacks. Download this ebook to learn the current state of BEC attacks.

  • 20 Tips for Secure Cloud Migration

    More organizations like yours are relying on cloud platforms to reap the benefits of scalability, flexibility, availability and reduced costs. However, cloud environments come with security challenges and vulnerabilities. In fact, the Thales 2020 Data Threat Report indicates 49% of global respondents experienced a breach affecting data in the cloud.

  • 2022 Cloud Security Report

    Explore the 2022 Cloud Security Report sponsored by (ISC)². Based on a comprehensive survey of 750+ cybersecurity professionals.

  • The Ultimate Guide to the CCSP

    The Ultimate Guide to the CCSP covers everything to know about the world’s leading cloud security certification. See how the CCSP – and (ISC)² – can help you discover your certification path, create your plan and thrive throughout your career.

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