vSphere Support Added to Next OpenStack Compute Release

VMware customers looking for openness in cloud solutions might see vSphere support in the forthcoming OpenStack Compute "Cactus" release as a opportunity.

One of the projects coming out of the OpenStack open source cloud computing community for server provisioning, OpenStack Compute, will soon be supporting VMware's vSphere hypervisor technology.

OpenStack has been adding support for various hypervisors to OpenStack Compute since the software's release to the Web more than a year ago. The vSphere support will come with the delivery of the OpenStack Compute "Cactus" release slated for sometime in Q2 2011.

The Cactus release will be the most significant to date, as it opens up the product to VMware customers who may be looking to avoid being locked into single-vendor solutions. VMware, it should be noted, is not an OpenStack member and did not contribute to development of the vSphere support.

OpenStack is a consortium of more than 50 companies that includes Citrix, RackSpace and Intel, among others, whose mission is to follow the Linux model for developing open source tools for building private and public clouds. So far, two projects have seen the light of day: OpenStack Compute, a server provisioning system for private clouds, or what's also known as a cloud orchestration system; and OpenStack Object Storage, a solution for managing incredible amounts of  storage in the cloud. Both products are free to download here.

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