Huawei Leverages SDN for Cloud Fabric, IoT Solution

Huawei is making heavy use of software-defined networking technologies in several products announced this week at its annual conference, including a new cloud fabric architecture and an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

AWS Tops Azure in Gartner IaaS Ranking

Its Magic Quadrant report says AWS has a "multiyear" advantage over Microsoft and Google clouds.

Citrix Pushes the 'Software-Defined Workspace'

Workspace Cloud gets its first public demonstration, at its Synergy conference.

Alcatel-Lucent Claims First Carrier SDN Platform

Global communications company Alcatel-Lucent today unveiled what it claims to be the first unified software-defined networking platform for the service provider industry.

Nuage Emphasizes SDN Partnerships

Software-defined networking company Nuage Networks continued to make moves to further its positioning in the open networking arena, forming partnerships and increasing its new-age networking portfolio.

Google Offers 'Preemptible' Virtual Machines

They're cheap, but can be shut down without warning, and are automatically terminated after 24 hours.

Microsoft Releases New Version of SP1 for SQL Server 2014

The latest revision says the problems plaguing the previous service pack have been "resolved."

PLUMgrid, Huawei Team Up for New-Age OpenStack Automation

With the goal of simplifying deployment of new-age networking technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), PLUMgrid Inc. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. have teamed up to tackle OpenStack automation.

Cloud Storage Provider: Azure Faster Than Amazon Web Services

The results come via an annual report by Nasuni.

Windows 10 Support Added to System Center

The support will be added through upcoming service packs.

Pluribus Networks Demos New Open Fabric Virtualization

Visibility between software-defined networking virtualization overlays and physical infrastructure underlays is a continuing theme at the Open Networking User Group conference, most recently evidenced by news from Pluribus Networks.

Windows 10 Editions Announced

Microsoft's next-generation operating system will include two different mobile versions.

Nuage Networks Addresses SDN Overlay/Underlay Visibility Problem

Nuage Networks today claimed it has addressed a major constraint to the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) technologies: visibility between physical and virtualized networking layers.

Big Switch SDN Fabric Now Supports VMware NSX

Big Switch Networks today announced its upgraded software-defined networking offering now supports VMware NSX virtualization.

Microsoft Emphasizes Security Upgrades in Edge Browser

The replacement browser dumps numerous attack vectors that existed in Internet Explorer.

PLUMgrid Partners with Cumulus for Bare-Metal OpenStack SDN

PLUMgrid is partnering with Cumulus Networks to offer the benefits of software-defined networking in OpenStack environments running on bare-metal hardware.

Group Proves SDN Concept with Australia/U.S. Bridge

A team of open source networking industry players successfully implemented a software-defined networking (SDN) proof of concept by deploying a peering router between Australia and the United States.

VMware Incorporates New Docker Security Guidelines

A just-released benchmark lists 84 recommendations for securing Docker containers.

Ciena To Buy Cyan for SDN, NFV Technology

Ciena Corp. is the latest networking vendor to eschew the homegrown route and buy its new-age technology outright, this time in the form of a $400 million acquisition of Cyan Inc.

Microsoft Tries To 'Ignite' the Public with Its Vision

A three-hour keynote touched on a bit of everything, including Microsoft Azure, Windows and security.

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