Citrix To Bolster Mobility Connectivity with Framehawk Buy

Framehawk technology to work in concert with Citrix HDX to optimize delivery of virtual desktops, apps to mobile devices.

Citrix announced the acquisition of Framehawk, a company that develops services for optimizing the delivery of virtualized desktops and applications to mobile devices.

According to a release from the company, Framehawk technology will be integrated into XenDesktop and XenApp, working in concert with Citrix's proprietary HDX technology to ensure that devices remain consistently and highly connected. The idea here is to boost connectivity in situations that might not be optimal, such as work areas where there might be lots of RF interference or at public wifi spots that are notoriously weak.

(A blog post from Derek Thorslund, who heads the HDX team, gives some background on the development of Framehawk's mobile protocol, citing the origins of the technology way back to its use at NASA for secured communications.)

Terms of the deal were undisclosed. No details were released on how the teams will work with or be integrated into the Citrix workforce.

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