One-Hop E-Mail Migration to the Cloud

Metalogix Email Migrator 3.0 lets you migrate e-mail from any vendor source to any cloud, including Office 365.

For most organizations, migrating e-mail to the cloud isn't straight-forward. Dealing with multiple e-mail platforms, migrating without interrupting user access, managing archived and non-archived e-mail, and maintaining compliance and chain-of-custody are all tasks that can complicate these projects.

Metalogix Email Migrator 3.0 promises to smooth the process with one-hop migration that maintains total platform coexistence. It can move legacy e-mail from multiple e-mail sources including Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Mimosa NearPoint, EMC, and GFI MailArchiver, directly into Microsoft Office 365, or other hosted Exchange platforms and on-premises implementations of Exchange. Key features include high-speed mailbox copy, public folder migration, incremental migration, and archive mailbox migration – with full compliance and zero downtime.

Metalogix Email Migrator is based on the Metalogix migration manager framework, which migrates both non-archived email and legacy e-mail archives. Organizations can migrate existing mail from source to target while the original system is in place. For users, the process is transparent because Email Migrator immediately creates shortcuts and lets users access their mailbox during the migration.

Offering the ability to maintain all existing policies, Email Migrator lets IT administrators migrate e-mail from multiple sources to the cloud and back again as required. It also provides a complete audit trail for all operations including chain of custody and retention management.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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