Taking a (Box) Shuttle to the Cloud

Box has a new offering to that involves a combination of software and consulting.

Companies with a truckload of legacy content they want to move to the cloud will be interested in a new service from Box.

The company, which provides an enterprise content management platform, today announced a new Shuttle service to help enterprises migrate their content to the Box cloud.

"With Box Shuttle customers will be able to securely migrate millions of files into Box, all while making their content smarter through the process," the company said in a statement. "Box Shuttle combines migration tools with award-winning expertise from Box Consulting, which has a deep foundation in data migration and content organization."

Box said the Shuttle provides the following services:

  • Planning and strategy: Box partners with customers to create an individualized migration plan with key milestones from inception to delivery and implementation guidance to ensure migrations stay on track. By partnering directly with Box and avoiding third-party intermediaries, customers can achieve greater predictability over the outcome and lower common risks associated with migration.
  • Content analysis and lifecycle assessment: Box works with users to determine what content to keep live, purge, or archive, as well as identify the security and governance requirements for each piece of content.
  • User permission and attribute mapping: Box will apply existing user permissions, metadata, retention policies and other custom attributes as files into Box, ensuring that content is secure and collaborative in the new environment.
  • Track progress: Customers have full control over data throughout the migration process and can monitor progress during all stages.

"People do their best work when they have the most relevant information at their fingertips, without sacrificing security, collaboration and productivity," said co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie. "That's the power of the cloud. But moving off legacy systems -- especially for enterprises with hundreds of terabytes of data -- is a complex undertaking that often takes too much time and taxes resources. Box Shuttle makes the process faster, more secure and efficient. We aren't just moving businesses to the cloud, we're getting them there faster so they can focus on the collaboration and epic work that will drive their business."

Box Shuttle is currently in beta, with general availability expected this fall. Box said users of the service will incur an additional fee, depending upon the size of the content migration.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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