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NComputing Offers Raspberry Pi 3 Thin Client

It may find a home in Citrix shops.

NComputing has unveiled a new Raspberry Pi-based thin client device, the RX-HDX, to support Citrix's desktop virtualization environment. This is a follow-on device from the company's RX300.

Here are some NComputing claims about the RX-HDX:

  • Fully optimized Citrix HDX Ready integration for compelling performance; full-motion HD video playback and content display (1920x1200) via HDMI and innovative second monitor support (optional)
  • Comprehensive Pi Management Console (PMC) to provide enterprises with integrated remote device management
  • Less than 5W power consumption
  • 8GB internal Micro SD card and 1GB RAM
  • Built-in Kensington security slot and sealed micro SD card for added protection
  • 4x USB 2.0 high-speed ports with full USB redirection
  • Built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.1

The RX-HDX, like its predecessor the RX300, can't be seen as the answer to every desktop or laptop computing environment. It is, however, an interesting approach that could be very useful to organizations that don't want or need the cost and complexity of providing each and every staff member a desktop or laptop system.

Dans Take: Security Matters
As the recent WannaCry Internet worm demonstrated, a hardened, non-Windows client operating system, such as NComputing's vSpace Pro, can be seen as an important security tool for enterprise computing environments. This move also demonstrates that NComputing wishes to be part of the larger Citrix ecosystem as well. 

If your company has deployed Citrix's desktop virtualization environment, learning more about what the RX-HDX can do would be wise.

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