Job Seekers and Employers Aim for Azure and AWS, a careers site that claims more than 200 million unique visitors each month, this week published its findings that entailed two years' worth of Web search data. The result? Jobs requiring Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure expertise experienced some of the fastest-growing demand across all tech skills.

Garnering a 98 percent year-over-year growth in job-seeker searches, AWS was second only to searches for the React JavaScript library, which had year-over-year growth greater than 300 percent.

As for employers, AWS skills were also increasingly sought, according to the data. Among hiring companies, the data showed searched growth at 40 percent year over year.

[Click on image for larger view.] Tech skills ranked by year-over-year growth in job seeker search activity. (Source:

In third place behind AWS is Azure, which also happens to be the closest cloud rival for AWS in terms of market share. found that searches for Azure among job seekers grew by 51 percent year over year.

Among employers, however, Azure actually outpaces AWS; according to, hiring companies increased their searches for Azure at a year-over-year rate of 62 percent.

"In our list, two cloud operations -- Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure -- round out the top three on the job seeker search side and also posted double-digit gains on the employer side," said in its report. "Cloud is gaining because businesses of all stripes are boosting their use of off-site computing and storage -- and that's making experienced cloud developers a must-have for many employers."

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