F5 Networks Offers VNF Manager to Simplify Network Functions Virtualization

F5 Networks unveiled a new VNF Manager that it says is designed to simplify network functions virtualization (NFV) for service providers and mobile operators moving to software-defined networking environments.

Such organizations, the company said, can leverage the functionality of the new virtualized network functions tool within its preconfigured, prepackaged solution that automatically deploys, scales, manages and decommissions network services according to evolving needs.

In announcing the new NFV functionality, the company touted what it described as a simplified, pay-as-you-go, capacity-based consumption and pricing model.

The company said it aims to alleviate burdensome complexities that come with configuring software-based infrastructures, which are a key tenet of NFV and the related software-defined networking (SDN) approach.

As part of that initiative, the company said it also supports customers' existing orchestration solutions for streamlined integration with open and extensible APIs.

In describing simplified operations, the company said, "Network planning, sizing and deployments can be accelerated with F5's capacity-based consumption models and automation features, maximizing operational flexibility around elements such as the mobile core and virtual edge. In addition, the solution enables portable VNFs that can be easily moved as needed throughout the network."

F5 said its VNF portfolio will continue to expand with new offerings that will be available next month, along with the new VNF Manager. It didn't provide specific pricing information, directing interested organizations to contact a local sales office for country-specific details about product availability.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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