VMware Tools 10.3.0 Recalled

Last week VMware Inc. recalled VMware Tools 10.3.0 due to a "functional issue with 10.3.0 in ESXi 6.5." The knowledge base (KB) article, "VMware Tools Version 10.3.0 Recall and Workaround Recommendations (57796)," describes the symptoms and cause and details the resolution, stating:
"Action is required if you have deployed VMware Tools 10.3.0 and all of the following are true:

  • vSphere ESXi 6.5 hosts
  • VM Hardware Version 13
  • Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 or higher guest OS

If this is the case, then VMware recommends uninstalling VMware Tools 10.3.0 and then reinstalling VMware Tools 10.2.5. VMware Tools 10.2.5 is available from the VMware Downloads page.

For other configurations, no immediate action is required."

What's been reported as happening is that a Purple Diagnostic Screen (PSOD) or guest network connectivity loss occurs in different configurations with the VMXNET3 driver released with VMware Tools 10.3.0.

According to the KB article, VMware will release a revised version of the VMware Tools 10.3 family as soon as possible and it's recommended that "any VMs running VMware Tools 10.3.0 be upgraded to the new release when applicable."

Users who want to be notified when the release is available can go to the KB article and click on "subscribe" in the Actions box.

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Wendy Hernandez is group managing editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group.


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