RedLock Cloud 360 Security Enhancements Aimed at Microsoft Azure Users

Today cloud security provider RedLock Inc. announced enhancements to its RedLock Cloud 360 platform "designed specifically to help customers of Microsoft Azure," according to the press release, which include automated remediation, holistic threat defense, advanced user behavioral analytics and comprehensive compliance.

"It's always been our mission at RedLock to accelerate digital business through optimal management of security and compliance risks across public cloud environments," said Ankur Shah, VP of Products at RedLock, in a prepared statement.

Here's the run down of all the new enhancements for Microsoft Azure customers using the RedLock Cloud 360 platform, according to the announcement:

Automated remediation will help reduce "the window of opportunity for malicious actors" and automatically restrict access. In addition to the policies already included in the RedLock Cloud 360 platform, IT departments can "write custom remediation rules tailored to meet their specific needs."

The holistic threat defense enhancement allows the RedLock Cloud 360 platform to consume flow logs across multiple regions in Azure, which provides a "single pane of glass" to monitor entire environments. This new visibility will help customers detect "potential data exfiltration attempts" and advanced threats such as "cryptojacking."

Advanced user behavioral analytics are driven by machine learning algorithms and help Azure customers "detect problems such as account compromises, brute force logins, and insider threats" more effectively, along with creating a "full audit trail of user and privileged activities" so that IT departments can create policies to address and mitigate risks.

Predefined policies for CIS, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR have been added to compliance capabilities of the RedLock Cloud 360 platform, in addition to "real-time asset inventory" and continuous assememnt of compliance "across all assets in a given environment," according to the press release.

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Wendy Hernandez is group managing editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group.


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