ADARA Going Mobile with Cloud SD-WAN Platform

ADARA announced a new beta offering that takes its Cloud SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) for personal clouds and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations to the mobile arena.

Targeting Android and iOS platforms, the specialized version of ADARA's Cloud SD-WAN is dubbed "ADARA SD WAN for Mobility." The company said the SD WAN for Mobility APK (Android application package) has already passed muster for the Amazon Appstore (also compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet). It expects the new product to become available on Google Play, third-party Android app stores and the Apple iTunes App store.

The new ADARA App is described as a specialized version of the company's Cloud SD WAN, which is presently available on the AWS Marketplace.

A chief benefit of the company's flagship SD-WAN platform is reduced latency, the company said, characterizing that issue as "the universal problem in networking for clouds, WAN and LANs" and "the No. 1 reason for poor performance and lost transactions."

In taking its SD-WAN to the cloud last month, the company said it's also using intent-based networking (IBN) to address latency, a technology approach that research firm Gartner Inc. has called "the next big thing on the networking horizon."

"The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility enables performance for users from wherever in the world they are," the company said in a news release this week. "This performance is especially important for remote and mobile employees and for personal use in cars, in planes and on ships. Game and App distribution, gaming and multimedia distribution are expected to be major beneficiaries of the platform as well as Mobile access to Clouds, as well as myriad IoT uses including connected thermostats, cars, electronic appliances, sensor security and power systems in household and commercial environments."

The company provided no information on pricing or expected availability of the beta product.

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