Firm Offers Software-Defined Network Connectivity

Since its inception, the bailiwick of the disruptive software-defined networking (SDN) movement has expanded to all sorts of use cases, with network connectivity now joining the crowd, offered by the firm Stateless Inc.

In announcing the new Luxon, a software-defined interconnect (SD-IX) platform, the Boulder, Colo., firm said it's addressing the new era of multi-site and hybrid cloud deployments with backing patent-pending technology said to simplify interconnecting workloads, with composability and scalability.

In the software-centric initiative, the company said new switch technology allows for more configuration possibilities through the use of cutting-edge switching software.

"As IT distributes outward to the cloud, businesses are becoming even more dependent on connectivity," the company quoted 451 Research senior analyst Craig Matsumoto as saying. "What used to be the enterprise network now reaches out to multiple destinations, serving applications that have differing requirements. Stateless is simplifying connectivity by providing a kind of flexibility and control that isn't necessarily found in conventional physical and virtual devices."

New Interconnect Product Possibilities
[Click on image for larger view.] New Interconnect Product Possibilities (source: Stateless)

Stateless said its new enhanced general availability release features the capabilities such as:

  • Nearly infinite combinations of network services
  • Increased connectivity options
  • Software control that replaces customized hardware
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Automation, visibility and control

"The accelerated movement of applications to the cloud is creating a new era of connectivity," said Murad Kablan, CEO and co-founder, in a news release. "To maintain a competitive advantage, businesses require fast, easy connections to the cloud, support for numerous interconnects and the ability to deploy a diverse array of new applications quickly. Today it often requires intricate engineering and new hardware and takes months for a business to deploy a single cloud application. Luxon simplifies a traditionally complex, multi-step process into a single step that takes only minutes."

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