Pivot3 Points AI at Large-Scale HCI Deployment Data Protection

Tackling large-scale hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments, Pivot3 is using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation techniques to ensure data protection.

The Austin, Texas-based intelligent infrastructure solutions specialist announced the new capabilities in its flash-based Acuity hyperconverged systems software, specifically the platform's Pivot3 Intelligence Engine.

That component has been improved with new auto-healing capabilities designed to automate decisions and tasks made by humans and intelligent automation, AI and analytics to provide proactive system health, configuration optimization and support.

"The Intelligence Engine comprises many advanced data- and performance-management capabilities, including its market leading Business Policy Management feature," the company said. "This enables customers to map business objectives to resource management through simple policies. Pivot3 uses AI and machine learning to understand application performance, protection and security requirements and to make real-time system changes so SLAs are met. The Intelligence Engine also monitors system health and performs predictive maintenance to ensure maximum system availability. This automates time consuming systems administration and maintenance tasks to reduce operating expenses and to allow organizations to scale without adding additional IT resources."

The company said its new capabilities infuse resiliency into big multi-petabyte environments, enabling customers who experience catastrophic hardware failures to quickly recover while at the same time ensuring high-availability with auto-healing, quick node rebuild and intelligent monitoring and analytics.

"With the real-time system monitoring, Pivot3 Support now alerts my team to unforeseen failures and provides remediation," the company quoted Jeremiah Francis, director of information technology at Financial Advocates, as saying. "Additionally, receiving daily system health and configuration status reports allows us to ensure our system is running at peak performance; we can now more easily resolve potential points of failure and optimize for success."

More information on Pivot3 products is available here.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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