Testing Now: Shared Links in ChatGPT

OpenAI's new update to ChatGPT introduces a feature in the works sure to be of interest to enterprise AI teams: shared links.

"This feature allows you to create and share your ChatGPT conversations with others," the company said yesterday (May 24) in release notes. "Recipients of your shared link can either view the conversation or copy it to their own chats to continue the thread. This feature is currently rolling out to a small set of testers in alpha, with plans to expand to all users (including free) in the upcoming weeks."

[Click on image for larger view.] Shared Links (source: OpenAI).

Use cases suggested in a FAQ include:

  • Sharing a specific conversation or message: This is particularly useful when you want to share a specific piece of information or a discussion with someone who is not part of the original conversation. This could be a notable example of a conversation, a specific discussion that needs to be referenced, or an important message that needs to be highlighted.
  • Sharing content with external collaborators: Shared links can be used to share content with people outside of your organization. This is useful when you have collaborators, such as contractors or clients, who need to see specific messages or conversations.
  • Creating a reference point for future discussions: Shared links can be used to create a reference point for future discussions. This can be particularly useful when you want to refer back to a previous conversation or message in the future.
[Click on image for larger view.] Shared Links Game (source: Web).

One use case they probably hadn't thought of resulted in an online game hosted on OpenAI's servers. A Reddit user today highlighted the new feature by showcasing "a fun geography trivia game" he created, providing a link to the game that can be played on OpenAI's "share" site:

The game is played by continuing his conversation in the user's own ChatGPT site.

That soon had other games appearing, including a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG).

While those wouldn't be enterprise use cases, one user opined: "Interesting, let's see where it goes... Maybe a new form of social interaction emerge from this hehe..."

The shared links gaming thread is in Reddit's "singularity" subreddit.

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