Take Five

TAKE 5: Cloud Security Solutions That Caught My Eye

The variety of cloud security strategies leaves users with interesting and diverse choices.

5 Hot Virtualization Companies, Under the Covers

These virtualization vendors will be getting more than your attention in the coming months.

CTO Blogger Columns: Virtualization Visionaries

We highlight the near-limitless technology breadth and depth of our expert panel.

They Said It (About Citrix, That is)

What some folks (folks being Chris Wolf, Simon Bramfitt, Greg Stuart and Citrix's own Simon Crosby and Mark Templeton ) have to say about Citrix.

Mixed Bag: Thin Clients, VDI, Management, Etc.

Here are five random items that are worthy of comment.

Storage Problems and Proposed Solutions

Storage presents a lot of problems. It's expensive, it accumulates in all kinds of places where you can't find it, it's a hassle to move from point A to point B and it isn't always compatible from one vendor to the next.

Impressions of Microsoft in the Cloud

Redmond's building some serious momentum as more Microsoft customers become familiar with its virtualization and cloud wares.

TAKE 5: Impressions of VMware

As Mel Brooks once declared -- and as more than one VMware employee has since crowed -- "It's good to be king."

Impressions from Our Reader Survey

Awhile back, we did a reader survey that I've used as a guideline for the way we shape our editorial product -- the goal being to supply you, the readers, with the content that you find most interesting and useful.

TAKE FIVE: Why I Like Citrix

Here's a situation where the nice guy finishes as President and CEO.

Reasons I Think Virtualization Is Interesting

Since becoming editor in chief of Virtualization Review in October, I've discovered that, from a journalistic perspective, there's a lot to like about virtualization because the industry -- if not the baseline technology -- is new and emerging.

Things I'll Miss Most

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Lessons from VMworld

What we learned and what VMware still has to do.

Scattered Thoughts from a Disheveled Mind

Virtualization is no longer cool, Keith thinks...and he's just getting started.

Free Virtualization Platforms

Despite contrary perceptions, virtualization doesn't have to be expensive.

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