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The Big IT Security Stories of 2018

IT security never gets any easier, and 2018 certainly looks set to present us with new challenges.

Making Sense of Cybercrime Statistics

The data is notoriously difficult to parse, but some basic conclusions can be drawn.

The Marks of a Successful Enterprise IT Team

It requires a proper needs assessment at its base.

Agile Development and the Admin

The good and bad of the shortening software cycle, from an administrator's perspective.

The Emergence of Social Anti-Malware

These new tools can help slow disinformation; but like any technology, there's a dark side.

Peekaboo Drones and Edge Computing

The drones raise many concerns, including how to process data.

Cloud & Virtualization Computing: Defining the Terms

To properly discuss IT-industry issues, a set of definitions needs to be established.

Stricter Data Regulation Is on the Way: Are You Ready?

The rules in Europe are much different than those in the U.S., so do your homework.

How the Cloud Can Prevent Another Equifax Breach

The technology exists. We just have to put it to use.

Are Computer Analytics Doing More Harm Than Good?

The law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head -- again.

Backup and Disaster Recovery With ioSafe Server 5

It has limitations, but what it does, it does very well.

Hyperlocality and 5G: Filling the Need for Speed

Building the next generation of mobile networks.

Edge Computing and Big Brother

They're watching you.

Life on the Edge

Edge computing is becoming a buzzword in IT, with good reason.

Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service and the Bad Guys

The future of bulk data computational analysis tools and the eternal struggle of good vs. evil.

ARMing for the Future

Finding a datacenter role for the humble processor.

Should You Build Your Own Cloud?

Private and hybrid clouds are becoming the new normal.

What VMworld 2017 Says About VMware's Future

The company's successfully pivoted; but its new direction must be navigated skillfully, and potholes are everywhere.

Deciphering VMware's AppDefense

Some answers, but many questions remain.

A Composability Primer

How it's changing datacenters and the role of the IT admin.

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