Virtual Advisor

6 Questions for Cloud Services Providers

Are you going to the cloud? If so, these questions will help you.

WANem: A Handy Tool for VDI Pilots

WANem makes it easy to simulate low bandwidth and latency conditions.

Troubleshooting Trouble

Identifying problems in applications is hard now -- but it could get worse.

Forward Motion

Host hopping or LUN exchange -- two interesting approaches to moving virtual machines.

Hardware-Assisted Virtualization

The management challenge no IT admin can afford to ignore.

VMware's Bold New Plan

VMware's challenge is to convince current and potential customers that "good enough" virtualization solutions aren't. Is it up to the task?

The Promise of Open Standards

OVF is more than just another open standard with lofty goals.

Rogue VMs -- Be Very Afraid

Unmanaged virtual machines have become an increasing threat to many organizations. Is your infrastructure safe?

Installing and Running XenServer 4.1 on an External USB Drive

With a few tweaks, you can run XenServer from an external USB drive.

Heroes and Villains

Some companies do licensing right, while others get it wrong.