Virtual Architect

Understanding Cloud Scenarios

Sifting through the myriad of cloud offerings can be confusing, but not impossible. Here are five cloud services categories to keep an eye on.

Preparing Host Servers for Hyper-V

Microsoft's hypervisor is stable and solid, but the vulnerability of the underlying operating system requires vigilant updating.

Controlling End-User Sprawl

End users can contribute to virtual machine sprawl by using readily available, free downloads. Here are a few simple steps to head off problems before they begin.

Is Live Migration a Necessity?

It's hyped as a must-have for data centers, but you can get similar fault tolerance from some Microsoft products, including Exchange.

SCOPE Your Infrastructure

Targeting the right servers to virtualize can be challenging the first time around. Using SCOPE can make that process easier and more efficient.

Dynamic Data Centers of the Big 3

Making a data center dynamic is about more than moving VMs around. How do the "big three" stack up?

Which Servers Should You Virtualize?

To combat the pain of PerfMon, there are a number of tools that help.

Strategies for Disaster Recovery

The move to virtualization bestows some revolutionary benefits. Affordable DR is one of them.

Square One

To properly use virtualization, you've got to first understand it.