Virtual Observer

Improve Your Knowledge of Hyper-V in a Converged VMware Infrastructure

Or, how to get free training on Hyper-V and VMware.

Cloud Pros Making It Rain

Cloud, virtualization expertise in high demand, if rise in salaries is an indication.

No More Bad Luck with Properly Backed Up VMs

If you have a virtualized backup and disaster recovery plan, you don't need to count on luck for your business to remain operational any day of the year.

How Delicate Is Your Virtual Egg Basket?

Server virtualization has taken us to places we've never been before, but there is some truth to that old adage about having seen it all before.

Converged Infrastructure, or 'Where Did All the Silos Go?'

Quite a few companies are mashing up server, storage, networking and even the hypervisor into turnkey solutions that can scale up or down as data center needs dictate.

Is Virtualization Stalled On Performance?

Virtualization and cloud architectures are driving great efficiency and agility gains across wide swaths of the data center, but they can also make it harder to deliver consistent performance to critical applications. Let's look at some solutions.

Searching for Intelligent Storage for Virtual Workloads

There are no one-size-fits-all storage solutions, so I've come up with some basic questions to ask the vendors who will be trying to get your attention.

Aiming for the Desktop Virtualization Sweet Spot

You and my clients have the same challenges and objectives in the pursuit of desktop virtualization.

Virtual Infrastructure Performance Management: The Storage View

Storage visibility is essential for managing virtual infrastructure performance

The Rise of the Virtual Infrastructure Performance Manager

The emerging class of performance management solutions for high-performance virtualization.

What Virtualization Vendors Have on Storage Tiering

What VMware, Dell, NetApp and DataCore are doing to add support for tiered storage in their offerings.

Building a VDI Environment on Shared Storage

Storage is at the heart of the problems some companies have in deploying VDI.

Desktop Virtualization: What are You Waiting for?

In this new column, Taneja Group lead virtualization analyst Dave Bartoletti will offer his personal insights and findings on all trends virtual and cloud.

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