Storage Gets Smarter


In Virtualized World, Storage Options Just Get Better and Better

By Brien Posey

Storage technology improvements -- both in hardware and software -- are making simple work of pooling and provisioning storage for use in the virtualized world.

Hyper-V: It's All About the Storage

By Paul Schnackenburg

The biggest update yet to the Microsoft virtualization solution makes major improvements in the way it uses storage.

What's So Special About VM-Aware Storage?

By Saqib Jang

VM-aware storage may very well be the next big thing in the evolution of enterprise-grade storage. Here's why.

How To Guy

Enable vFlash for Server-Side Caching

By David Davis

There's a new way to speed up read operations on your VMs.

Everyday Virtualization

Make No Assumptions About Storage Virtualization

By Rick Vanover

Storage costs remain steady, but some new approaches for virtualizing storage are making it faster and more accessible.

Virtual Cloud Strategy

'VDI Is Just RDS for Idiots'

By Greg Shields, Don Jones

The headline of our column isn't our quote, but it certainly caused us to fire a few Cheerios out of our noses when reading it one morning.

Take Five With Tom Fenton

5 Ways Storage Is Evolving

By Mike Matchett

Be sure to take advantage of these storage industry trends.