Virtualization Review: What Works in Storage

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Storage is a constant need for any company, but it can get complicated in virtual or cloud environments.

In this collection from Virtualization Review, discover real-world solutions to the challenges of storage in virtual environments and the cloud.

Cloud and virtualization strategies vary from company to company, but they all have a common thread -- the company's data has to go somewhere. That's what makes reliable storage so important in a virtual environment. But implementing storage in a cloud or virtual platform is easier said than done. That's why Virtualization Review has put together a collection called What Works in Storage to describe exactly what the name suggests -- storage solutions that get the job done in a virtual environment. In this collection, discover case studies, success stories, technical backgrounders and Q&As, all of which highlight virtual storage solutions and strategies that really do work.

ipHouse Success Story
Find out how Tegile's Zebi Storage Array enabled a server hosting company to transform its business by boosting responsiveness to customers and eliminating a nagging I/O latency issue. Also discover why ipHouse expects the Tagile solution to help it grow its business.

XenServer and XenDestkop Backups: From Agents, to Backup Scripts, to Doing It the Right Way!
Noted virtualization expert Greg Shields lays out why XenServer needs an appliance for backup and restoration -- and how IT departments can choose that appliance and best put it to use. Discover why doing backup and restoration the right way in XenServer and XenDesktop can save your business.

Mazda Zoom-Zooms with VMware Backups in Half the Time
Ordered by its CIO to reduce costs, the IT team at Mazda North American Operations turned to virtualization, moving all tier-one applications to a virtual environment. With that task came big challenges, though, including long backup times. That's where Veeam stepped in. Discover how Veeam Backup & Replication cut backup times in half and achieved other stunning performance metrics.

Q&A on Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware
Symantec's solution makes virtualization administrators' lives easier by drastically improving visibility into the VMware environment, providing I/O performance optimization and offering real-time, granular statistical analysis. Learn much more in this detailed Q&A with Lee Pender of Virtualization Review and Chad Bersche, technical product manager at Symantec.

Safe Network Solutions Deploys Doyenz to Provide Clients with Quick Cloud Recovery
Discover why a Nashville consulting firm ditched its former backup and recovery provider and moved to Doyens rCloud. The results were less expensive, more reliable backup that was easier to implement and manage. Find out more in this intriguing case study.

Weathering the storm through resilient, virtualized storage
Hurricane Wilma hit law firm Quarles & Brady hard back in 2005. The firm didn't have a storage strategy that could match the power of the storm. But it does now, thanks to Dell EqualLogic storage arrays. Oh, and the firm has also boosted productivity and performance thanks to the new storage solutions. Discover more and get plenty of numbers in this success story.

Statewide IT Division Relies on Storage Technology to Deliver Infrastructure Services
When the Division of Enterprise Technology for the State of Wisconsin set forth the evolution of its virtual storage infrastructure, it ran into to some road blocks, including the lack of an ability to optimize space utilization. Condisiv Technologies stepped in with V-locity 3 and moved those road blocks away. Find out in this case study how it happened and how the division benefitted from V-locity.

onTargetJobs Finds IT Infrastructure Savings and Services with Veeam for VM Backup and Drobo for Business Storage
With its service needs and infrastructure expanding rapidly, onTargetJobs needed to create new tiers of storage. One provider offered 2.4TB of storage for $30,000. Drobo did much better, providing 80TB of storage and twice the protection for less than $30,000. Find out more and see the results of the implementation in this success story.

Virtual Backup with vRanger
vRanger is unique among backup and recovery solutions for VMware, offering the most efficient backup available, a native catalog that enables lightning-fast restoration and a high level of scalability. Get into much greater detail about this essential product in this Q&A featuring Lee Pender of Virtualization Review and Daniel Lord of Quest Software.

Cornerstone Community Bank Cuts Replication Time by Almost 70 Percent with vReplicator and vRanger
A community bank with two full-time IT staffers was able to dramatically reduce replication and restore times while also improving the accuracy of backups and reaping many other benefits. How? Quest Software's vReplicator and vRanger solutions played major roles. Get all the details, numbers and stories in this fascinating case study.

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