End of VMworld Product Roundup

Trend Micro, SolarWinds, F5 demonstrate new and improved solutions around the VMware tool ecosystem

Here's some last-day VMworld 2011 exhibit news from Trend Micro, SolarWinds and a host of other companies who are orbiting around VMware's tool ecosystem:

Trend Micro Keeps Lid on Virtual Enviroments 
Trend Micro recently released a new version of its Deep Security intrusion detection software, with enhancements that provide for protection in cloud-based environments. Deep Security 8 features include file integrity monitoring, hypervisor integrity monitoring and selective deployment to VMs, and adds support for VMware vShield and vSphere 5. DS8 can also be used to monitor virtual desktops using an agent installed at the virtual endpoint. DS8 is $1,000 per server. Trend Micro said that DS8 is also available bundled with VMware vShield, which can be obtained through Trend Micro and VMware solution providers.

SolarWinds Keeps Tabs on Virtual Performance
SolarWinds demonstrated several products at VMWorld 2011 in Las Vegas, including its SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, based on technology that it acquired from Hyper9. The VM management suite works with VMware to provide capacity planning, performance monitoring, VM configuration management and provisioning. SolarWinds also showcased other tools: SolarWinds Storage Management, for manaing SANs across virtual environments; and SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor, for monitoring application and server performance and providing analysis and solutions for problems that are discovered. 

SolarWinds also released a new tool, Web Transaction Watcher, last month for monitoring Web-based transactions processes. The tool records the steps taken by Web applications to process a transaction, with the idea of recording them to help admins identify problems. Data gathered by Web Transaction Watcher can be processed through SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor. It's free, and there's a more robust version, called Synthetic End User Monitor, that works in real time and costs $1,995; SolarWinds APM is $2,495.

F5 Provides for Long Distance Virtual Migrations 
F5 claims to have solved the distance problem when it comes to the capability of migrating virtualized environments from one datacenter to another, particularly among datacenters that might be a continent away. The solutions are now embedded in the company's BIG IP virtualization appliances, which also now support the newest versions of vSphere, VMware vMotion and VMware Storage vMotion.

F5 said it also has made it easier to roll out virtual desktops, done through its highly configurable iApps application that works with VMware View 5. F5 provides an enhanced single namespace feature that provides some form of intelligence that will allow the View desktops to be accessed independent of geographic location.

rPath Beats Application Path to the Cloud
rPath showed off its cloud application engine based on its rPath X6 platform. The rPath Cloud Appliation Engine provides enterprises and MSPs with services for delivering applications to customers' private clouds, from rapid application development to version control to testing to imaging to final delivery. rPath cites Cisco among its customers who have used it to provide Cisco's clients with applications and orchestration through a private cloud.

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