Instant Branch Recovery Anywhere in Your Cloud

Riverbed Granite 2.6 supports more branches and bigger data sets.

According to performance and reliability company Riverbed Technology, organizations have an average of 55 branches per data center, making the management of global business data a serious challenge. To give companies a better way to protect data in remote places, recover branches after disasters more quickly, and manage these operations more cost-effectively, Riverbed's Granite product centralizes data for higher security, instant disaster recovery, and lower TCO. The latest version, 2.6, supports more branches with double the capacity and bigger data sets. It also adds support IBM Storwize V7000.

Organizations implementing the latest version get new snapshot capabilities that provide application-consistent data protection with more data center storage arrays. Granite's snapshot handoff framework introduces a script-execution interface that orchestrates snapshot operations for storage arrays that Granite's snapshot tool doesn't currently support.

IBM Storwize V7000 users also get improved snapshot support that enables configuration and coordination of branch data snapshots in the data center, as well as end-to-end data protection for applications running in branch offices. Customers also have the option of using existing datacenter backup solutions like IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and Symantec NetBackup.

In terms of capacity, new revved-up Virtual Granite Core (VGC) models are available: The  VGC-1500-L series supports 30 branches and up to 20TB of data, and the VGC-1500-M series supports 30 branches and up to 35TB of data.

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