SafeNet Simplifies License Management in Virtual Environments

Software vendors can now track, control, and manage the use of their virtualized applications.

To control access to their applications, software providers have traditionally bound licenses to physical machines; but, virtualization changes all that. SafeNet Sentinel Cloud hopes to solve this problem for software vendors. It gives them a way to decouple licenses from physical hardware and track, control, and manage the use of their applications in virtualized environments.

Instead of licensing physical machines, Sentinel Cloud licenses each user. ISVs get full control of how many licenses are running, as well as information about software usage. This is not only useful for billing, but also supplies valuable market research. Vendors can also automate the provisioning, software updates, and license renewal.

Software protected by Sentinel Cloud is also a win for organizations wanting to remain in compliance with their licensing agreements. Sentinel Cloud prevents them from unintentionally duplicating license rights when spinning up new instances, or moving a license from one instance to another. It also allows access to licensed applications via any device – including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers – without needing to generate new licenses for usage on multiple machines.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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