NetApp Storage Systems Put Control Back in the Enterprise

FAS8000 Series includes FlexArray virtualization software that can put control of scale-out storage back in the hands of enterprises.

NetApp said it has introduced a new FAS8000 series of storage systems that comes with FlexArray virtualization software in order to put control of that storage back in the hands of enterprises. announced unified, scale-out storage systems designed to let enterprises manage and control data via one storage and data management platform.

The FAS8000 is designed to unify SAN, NAS and storage virtualization into one hybrid array, according to the company. The FAS8000 series is the latest in a line of fabric-attached storage systems and the first one specifically targeting scale-out storage environments running on top of clustered Data ONTAP, which is NetApp's proprietary operating system.

The company said the FAS8000 systems provide increased low-latency performance for large-scale workloads across enterprise systems through better flash acceleration and support, a new storage I/O-optimized architecture and more memory.

The accompanying software component, FlexArray virtualization software, lets the new hardware virtualize and manage data storage platforms from multiple vendors, easing the move to software-defined storage, a fast-growing industry trend.

Also announced was a new incarnation of the Data ONTAP OS, version 8.2.1, which improves data security and better manages Common Internet File System (CIFS) environments, among other improvements, the vendor said.

NetApp said enterprises moving to "unbound clouds" have problems managing data across private and public clouds. "Our new FAS8000 series and enhanced software offerings allow customers to respond quickly to changing business needs, move seamlessly to an era of unbound clouds, and eliminate the overprovisioning of people, time and money," said George Kurian, executive vice president at the company.

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