Zerto Goes Offsite for Virtual Backup, Recovery

Zerto Virtual Replication 3.5 adds offsite backup -- a bonus for organizations looking for long-term data retention.

Business continuity and disaster recovery company Zerto released a new version of the Zerto Virtual Replication tool. Most significantly, version 3.5 touts offsite backup that allows long-term retention of data and applications at an organization's target site. Customers also get continuous replication, simplifying data protection for the purposes of recovery, archiving, and compliance. This completely hypervisor-based solution works with any cloud – private, public, or hybrid.

Unlike traditional backup products, Zerto's offsite backups pull from replicas on the target site, greatly reducing impact on production applications. It doesn't require any additional backup agents or appliances in the production environment.

Other key new features in version 3.5 include enhanced alert handling such as applicable problem and resolution information; simplified management; and a richer set of APIs for management automation.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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