Smart Alerts Make Cloud Storage Smarter

CloudPhysics releases new Storage Analytics with Smart Alerts.

On the same day that Big Data analytics company CloudPhysics said it rounded up $15 million in funding from several venture capitalists, the company also released a new feature, Smart Alerts, for its Storage Analytics storage reporting solution.

The CloudPhysics press release says that Smart Alerts get their name by the very notion of the alerts not being "dumb" and passive. Such dumb alerts are triggered when an event reaches or exceeds a threshold that is set arbitrarily, whereas CloudPhysics believes its Smart Alerts are more capable of being triggered through predictive analysis of large sets of data on a system's overall health.

Some of the data that's collected and analyzed is compared to CloudPhysics' own data that it has amassed into a solution it calls Collective Intelligence. It's a data set that the company says contains 50 trillion data points gathered globally to date on virtualized data centers worldwide. When the data shows some indicators of storage performance problems, those events will trigger a Smart Alert to IT.

Smart Alerts are available for free for 30 days. Thereafter, customers who continue to see value in it will have to upgrade to a Premium edition for $895 per host per year. A comparison of features in each version is here.

For more about CloudPhysics, see this article on Virtualization Review.

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