Informal Gartner Poll: Most Have Problems With Private Cloud

Of 140 respondents, just 5 percent aren't experiencing cloud issues.

Gartner Analyst Thomas Bittman says that an informal poll shows that private clouds have more problems than many may be aware of.

In a blog post, Bittman said he polled attendees at a Gartner conference last December. "I was a little surprised that 95% of the 140 respondents (who had private clouds in place) said something was wrong with their private cloud," he wrote.

The biggest issue among those polled (cited by 31 percent) was that private clouds failed to change the company's operational model. Sizeable percentages also complained that their private cloud was "Doing too little" (19 percent) and failed to "change the funding model" (13 percent).

Bittman boiled all the reasons down to six categories. He said that the No. 1 problem is that companies don't have a firm grasp on exactly why they implemented a private cloud. "Internal, bottom-line, or not putting the right metrics in place. (Usually, this is focusing on cost-savings, not agility)," he blogged.

In second place was a misuse of private clouds, and what they're expected to do. "Is this really cloud? Or just virtualization? And what about the stuff running inside the VMs?" Bittman wrote.

Other private cloud hurdles, as detailed from the poll:

  • Defending I&O and doing too much -- 11 percent
  • Focusing on the wrong benefits -- 10 percent
  • Using the wrong technologies -- 6 percent
  • Something else (undefined) -- 5 percent

Just five percent of those surveyed said they had no problems with their private cloud.

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