Video Collection Teaches Cloud, Virtualized Networks, DevOps

Video learners wanting to get a leg up on transformative changes in the cloud/networking industry in the new year may care to avail themselves of a new university-curated collection of instructional videos.

The videos were announced today by the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, which highlighted the new "YouTube Playlist for an Intro to the Cloud, Virtualized Networks, and DevOps."

"Topics related to cloud, software defined networks, network virtualization, network programmability, etc. are mentioned. They also emphasize how networking has changed and evolved from traditional network management and configuration tasks based on command-line-interfaces (CLIs) to a software driven, programmatic and automation based approach," said Carlos Caicedo, an associate professor at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and director of the Center for Emerging Network Technologies (CENT).

Videos in the collection include:

  • A Visit Into the Cloud -- showing what a "cloud" actually looks like.
  • Network Virtualization. Introduction -- providing a "brief and well-structured introduction to software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV)."
  • The Virtualization Revolution: NFV Unleashed -- a more in-depth view on NFV, but from an industry perspective.
  • A NetDevOps Overview -- Cisco’s Hank Preston explains the transformation of DevOps (Development + Operations) principles.
  • Social and Economic Effects of Open Networking -- pioneer of the Internet and co-inventor of the TCP protocol Vint Cerf presents his views on the evolution of networks and the resulting impact on the world.

Caicedo said he selected videos that explain many of the key concepts and technologies covered in the school's Enterprise Data Systems (EDS) courses. While he said they were published to help EDS students learn and practice various technologies and understand their importance to the enterprise and its business goals, enterprise staffers wrestling with the new software-centric world might also find them useful.

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