Google Cloud Plays Catch Up to AWS and Azure with VMware Offering

VMware virtualization tech is springing up all over in the cloud computing space, with Google Cloud announcing a VMware offering just 10 days after Microsoft did the same for its Azure cloud.

Google had last July announced the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) would begin to support VMware workloads in a new partnership. This week that partnership progressed with the fully managed Google Cloud VMware Engine service, which lets enterprises run VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud.

Specifically, it provides a VMware Cloud Foundation stack, a hybrid cloud platform for managing virtual machines (VMs) and orchestrating containers. The stack on Google Cloud consists of:

  • VMware vSphere, the flagship cloud computing virtualization platform
  • vCenter, a centralized management utility
  • vSAN, storage virtualization software
  • NSX-T, a full-stack Layer 2 to Layer 7 networking platform
  • HCX, an application mobility platform for cloud migration

The offering lets organizations connect to a dedicated VMware environment directly through the Google Cloud Console.

Google Cloud VMware Engine
[Click on image for larger view.] Google Cloud VMware Engine (source: Google).

Google said the service helps organizations quickly extend on-premises workloads to the cloud or migrate them completely whlie providing the ability to tap into cloud services like BigQuery, Cloud Operations, Cloud Storage, Anthos, and Cloud AI.

The service is expected to be generally available this quarter in two US regions, with global expansion planned for the second half of the year.

The announcement came 10 days after Microsoft announced an Azure VMware Solution in preview.

Years before that, VMware had teamed up with cloud computing leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a "VMware Cloud on AWS" solution.

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