AWS Uses Metaverse-Like Game for Cloud Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is using a 3D metaverse-like role-playing game to train users on how to use its cloud computing platform.

Called AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner, it's described as "a role-playing learning game that helps you develop practical cloud skills through interactive learning and hands-on activities using AWS services."

AWS said the free training is ideal for early career or new-to-cloud adult learners who want to learn foundational cloud computing concepts while zapping drones and collecting gems in a quest to solve challenges in a virtual city, drawing comparisons to the metaverse, which Wikipedia describes as "a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection." A more practical take on the concept is provided by research firm Gartner in the post "Really, What is Metaverse?"

Cloud Quest
[Click on image for larger view.] Cloud Quest (source: AWS).

"Cloud Quest is an open-world role-playing game that teaches you how to build real AWS solutions using cloud concepts and exercises," explains a March 14 video. "As a cloud practitioner, you'll venture on a journey to help the citizens in town transform their city by using cloud solutions. You can take your technical training to the next level by turning business problems into technical solutions through puzzles, simulations and hands-on labs. As a foundational building block for skill building and career development, Cloud Quest gives you control of your learning journey at your own pace. With tons of customizations, unique assignments and game modes. Cloud Quest is a continuous learning experience you can earn rewards to unlock various character styles pet companions city themes and vehicles."

Unlike, say, Microsoft and its Azure cloud, AWS blogging and documentation scarcely mention the term "metaverse." In fact, only one AWS blog post is tagged with the term: "How Immersive Technologies Are Changing the Retail Landscape," from October 2021.

The Azure cloud, in comparison, is all over the metaverse, which is commonly associated with transformative new-age technology like digital twins, Web 3.0, NFTs, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), smart contracts, decentralized identity and more.

Google Cloud (or GCP), meanwhile, says, "We are building the technology to capture and playback the real world in the metaverse, bridging the gap between the physical world and the virtual." TheStreet described the metaverse situation among the cloud giants in the February article "Google Wants to Catch Up With Web3, Metaverse Rivals."

While AWS has seemingly been slow to dip into the metaverse waters, the new training initiative might be seen as an initial foray into the space, even though the company never mentions the name.

Cloud Quest was introduced along with a revamped training initiative called AWS Educate, which, as the name suggests, targets the education sector. Improvements to that include more interactive content and removal of the .edu email address requirement, which AWS said would make it more accessible.

"AWS Cloud Quest and AWS Educate intentionally move away from passive content," said Kevin Kelly, director of Cloud Career Training Programs at AWS. "We want to make abstract cloud computing concepts real through interactive and hands-on activities that immediately let learners turn theory into practice. These two offerings help individuals grow their skills and employability. We're continuing to innovate how learners can build their cloud knowledge and practical skills, meeting them where they are and bringing knowledge within anyone's reach by making these programs free."

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