Veeam Intros 'Data Cloud' Built on Azure to Protect Microsoft 365

Veeam Software today announced its new Data Cloud offering, providing its data protection and ransomware recovery platform as a cloud service built on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.

Firms Team Up for StarCoder2 'Open-Access' LLM, Here's What That Means

ServiceNow, Hugging Face and NVIDIA today released new open-access large language models (LLMs), the backing technology behind today's wave of generative AI breakthroughs like ChatGPT and all the Copilot AI assistants being used by Microsoft and GitHub.

Google Puts Advanced Gemini AI Tech into 'Open Model' Gemma

"Open models feature free access to the model weights, but terms of use, redistribution, and variant ownership vary according to a model's specific terms of use, which may not be based on an open-source license."

AI Research: Threat Actors 'Not Yet' Using LLMs in Novel Ways

New cybersecurity research from AI leaders Microsoft and OpenAI reveals how generative tech is being put to use by known threat actors, including nation-state-affiliated groups from countries including China, Iran, North Korea and Russia.

Microsoft Puts Copilot AI to Work for Sustainability Management

Microsoft is previewing new AI technology for its cloud sustainability initiative, introducing new data and AI solutions including a Copilot to help guide decision-making and reporting.

Cloud Giant AI Moves: Microsoft Remakes Copilot and Intros Deucalion LLM, Google's Bard Becomes Gemini

Cloud giants competing for AI supremacy traded blows this week with Microsoft announcing a Copilot remake and introducing a new large language model (LLM), while Google changed the name of its flagship AI from Bard to Gemini and introduced an advanced tier based on its latest/greatest model.

Oracle Ships Generative AI Cloud Service, Beta for 'AI Agents'

Oracle announced the general availability of a new generative AI cloud service along with a beta offering for a related AI Agents service.

Data Quality Hinders Enterprise Generative AI Adoption, Report Says

Data quality is the No. 1 obstacle to enterprise adoption of generative AI according to a new survey from cloud data management specialist Informatica.

Veeam's New 'Cyber Secure Program' Teams Tech with Ransomware Response Experts

Along with purpose-built technology to combat ransomware, Veeam Software's new Cyber Secure Program also offers up a team of experts to help organizations wield that tech to fight threat actors.

Microsoft Using AI to Help Write Blog Posts on AI

A Microsoft developer used AI to help create a post about using AI last week, apparently for the first time on the company's Developer Blogs site.

Ransomware Payoffs Becoming 'Cost of Doing Business,' Report Says

New research from Cohesity indicates many organizations are breaking "do not pay" policies and going against general guidance to pay off ransomware demands, writing off the payments as the "cost of doing business."

Google AI Blitz: Project IDX for Dev, Hugging Face Pact, Chrome GenAI Experiments, Text to Video

Google famously issued a "code red" upon seemingly being blindsided by the Microsoft/OpenAI AI partnership and resulting "Copilot" onslaught that gave Redmond clear AI supremacy among the cloud giants. The "code red" is apparently bearing fruit based on a barrage of recent AI-related announcements.

Cloud Giants Sign On to 'Democratizing the Future of AI R&D'

Many tech titans including the "Big 3" cloud giants have signed on to a U.S. government initiative to "strengthen and democratize access to critical resources necessary to power responsible AI discovery and innovation."

Fleeing Data Protection Pros Compound Ransomware Worries: Survey

Ransomware is still plaguing IT -- it's still the No. 1 cause of outages -- but dissatisfied data protection pros seeking new jobs present a new concern, a new survey-based report indicates.

Microsoft Boosts Copilot for Orgs, Offers Pro Plan for Individuals

Microsoft announced a new Copilot Pro subscription for its AI-powered assistants that targets individuals, while at the same time expanding its Copilot offerings for organizations.

Research Assistants Lead New 'GPT Store' Offerings, but Theft Mars Debut

Research assistants dominate trending community offerings in OpenAI's new GPT Store, but theft/hijacking/plagiarism is already a problem on day one.

Ransomware in 2024: Fileless, Double Extortion, AI and More

Along with "traditional" ransomware attacks, the threat actors are continually upgrading their game with new approaches, technology and techniques. Here's what organizations need to know.

Blue Board Graphic Small

Big NVIDIA Generative AI Push Led by GPUs, 'AI Workbench' Dev Tooling

NVIDIA, already seen by many as the leader in processors and other PC hardware/software for AI, unveiled a big new generative AI push that includes new GPUs, developer tools and more.

Microsoft Only Cloud Giant 'Leader' in AI Governance Research Report

In fact, among the largest general cloud computing platforms, IBM is the only other player covered in the "IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023 Vendor Assessment," with fellow hyperscalers AWS and Google Cloud Platform not included.

New Ammo for Cloud Giant Wars: AI Chips

The neverending wars among the cloud giants for computing supremacy are now being fought with a new weapon: specialized chips for AI.

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