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A Cloud Exec To Watch

One of the advantages of working in Framingham, Mass. is that nearly all vendors pass through at one time or another. Framingham, oddly enough, is the epicenter of the computer press -- there must be a dozen tech magazines here and many more nearby. That's how I got to meet Frank Huerta over a bowl of Lobster Bisque at Legal Seafoods.

Huerta is co-founder and CEO of cloud infrastructure startup Translattice. While many startups pick out a niche they hope to one day own, Huerta hopes to become the next VMware, by creating a foundation that changes the way we all computer.

Translattice, at least how we interpret it, implies that there is a lattice or grid, and that data moves across the grid freely.

The upcoming Translattice tool is an application provisioning platform that distributes processing and storage across the cloud and on-premises. Processing can be based in policies, location, level of use or priority. The distributed apps also have built-in redundancy so uptime and data are both protected.

Huerta certainly has the chops to pull this all off. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics and then gained an MBA from Stanford. His last startup, network intrusion protection company Recourse Technologies, sold to Symantec for a cool $135 mil in cash. Cha-ching.

Posted by Doug Barney on 11/30/2010 at 12:47 PM


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