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Amazon Cloud Gets More Native All the Time

Many in IT want the cloud to function just like internal systems but with less of the hassles. In the early days, the cloud was a bit of a black box -- it only did what the providers let you.

That just doesn't cut it for IT pros used to total control. That is the whole impetus behind private clouds, whether they are hosted in the cloud or act as a private cloud in the data center.

Amazon, a cloud leader, is testing a new DNS service, RT 53, which offers IT some of this control, says Werner Vogels, CTO for Amazon . "Route 53 provides authoritative DNS functionality implemented using a worldwide network of highly available DNS servers," Voglels wrote in a recent blog. "Route 53 has the business properties that you have come to expect from an AWS service: fully self-service and programmable, with transparent pay-as-you-go pricing and no minimum usage commitments."

Posted by Doug Barney on 12/07/2010 at 12:47 PM


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