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OpTier and Cloud Performance

When I started looking into virtualization (mainly by having lunch with the founders of virtualization startups) I noticed two distinct accents: many entrepreneurs were Russian and Israeli. And with so many Russian émigrés to Israel, some company boasted both accents!

I'm just starting to see the same trend in the cloud. Take OpTier. This performance management concern has a management team trained in Israel, and while it is headquartered in New York, R&D remains in the Middle East.

Recently OpTier brought its performance management technology to the cloud. CloudFirst, now in beta, lets businesses track businesses transactions even when they are taking place in a service provider's cloud.

The tool also lets you test how well your apps will perform in the cloud, before taking the time, trouble and expense of migrating (I'd hate to migrate an app and then it have it unusable).

Posted by Doug Barney on 12/16/2010 at 12:47 PM


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