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Apple Lets Angels Sing (and Store Data)

This week, Apple announced the widely anticipated iCloud, a relatively free service where all your tunes, photos, docs and such are in the cloud. Is it cool? I guess. Does it give Apple more control over you and the entire music biz? You bet.

Here's how it works. You sign up, presumably giving Apple enough information that it knows who you are and how to reach you. Then you get 5 free gigs to do with as you please. The exception here is that anything you bought from Apple doesn't count against the 5 GB limit. The cool part is all this stuff is stored centrally so you can sync all your Apple devices, getting at the content through a Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Here's what makes me worried: We are now opening our content kimono to Apple. What will it do with this knowledge? What about content that isn't on the copyright up-and-up? Maybe we can trust Apple now, but what about the future? Guide me through this morass by sending your thoughts to [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on 06/07/2011 at 12:47 PM


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