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It's no secret that the cloud and virtualization are intertwined more closely than an unsupervised teenage couple.

Having launched Virtualization Review, the group of journalists I work with has a cloud head start. And we've been fortunate enough to have met the real pioneers of both virt and the cloud. Virtualization Review Editor in Chief Bruce Hoard has been making the rounds with the "who's who" of cloud and virt and put together his list of true pioneers. Even cooler, these rabble-rousers actually blog for Bruce. Here's a rundown on a few of Bruce's favorites.

Simon Rust is the VP of technology for AppSense, and recently explained how desktop virtualization actually works in a blog titled "The Many Faces of Desktop Virtualization." It's complicated, but Rust shows us how if we just understand the five key categories -- "OS provisioning, remote desktop services, client hypervisors, client-side hosted virtual desktops and application virtualization" -- you'll get the whole picture. While this is not cloud per se, these technologies underpin a lot of what cloud vendors do.

Alex Miroshnichenko is the CTO of Virsto, which does storage virtualization. Alex knows the true pricing of storage, and sees lots of differences between what vendors want to charge and what you can actually get the hardware for. Check out his analysis at "Lies, Damned Lies and Benchmarks: Part 2."

Last, Karl Triebes of F5 dove into what is really going on with cloud security, how hard the vendors are working on it and where the failures are. Learn more at his blog post, "Assessing and Alleviating Security Risks in the Cloud: Are We There Yet?"

Posted by Doug Barney on 09/06/2011 at 12:47 PM


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