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Concerns Cloud Cloud Adoption

The cloud can be a big, scary place. For as long as there have been IT departments, IT has had more or less full control of the infrastructure. With a datacenter, you can walk around all your gear, replace drives, reboot, update software and sometimes just stroll around happily seeing everything humming.

You can't see the cloud. You can't cruise around it (unless you're Superman). And your service provider is the one that gets to reboot the servers. In short, IT no longer has the control it is used to. According to a recent survey by cloud storage purveyor Nasuni, almost half of those questioned have serious reservations about losing control when moving to the cloud.

But a much bigger concern, the survey reveals, is security. Over 80 percent of IT pros are worried about the safety of their data and applications. These fears are holding back cloud apps, but also holding back cloud storage. A minority of IT personnel, 43 percent, will use the cloud for storage in the next year.

The onus is now on the vendors to show that apps and data in the cloud are not only safe, but still in the hands of IT. Only then will we see the full promise of the cloud realized.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 11/29/2011 at 12:47 PM


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