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Virtualization Has Changed My Life

Like many others, I have benefited from virtualization in my professional experiences. I have advanced my career to new levels as well as tackled challenges that I would not have thought possible without virtualization. There have been many technologies that have fundamentally impacted my technology practice, but none more than virtualization.

The Windows Server platform is a strong contender for the biggest impact technology in my career thus far. I've worked with Windows Server products since I started my career, and it has shaped parts of my career throughout. Virtualization, however, fundamentally changes everything. Just like the technology infrastructure is fundamentally impacted with virtualization, a career can be impacted in the same way.

Virtualization allows us to on focus things such as cost savings for your technology infrastructure, which will give you the ear of management and those above in almost any organization. To be well-rounded and effective with virtualization, you will also have to be aware of the costs and associated savings of virtualization. This is a natural step in career development, and virtualization makes it an easy transition.

Another point that virtualization has developed my career is that I've had to become more of a storage and network expert than I was before. Virtualization's broad reach in the datacenter pulls these key areas together as part of a comprehensive infrastructure strategy. From a career development perspective, managing storage and networking are critical skills to add to one's repertoire.

Virtualization also develops one's ability to manage topics such as licensing, critical hardware decisions, and disaster recovery. These topics are directly relevant to executive-level decisions, and developing virtualization skills allows us to succeed in these areas.

How has virtualization impacted your career? Share your comments below.

Posted by Rick Vanover on 10/15/2009 at 12:47 PM


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