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Getting Started with Virtualization? Read This.

It amazes me how many people are interested in virtualization, yet feel that they can't get started with it. I believe that anyone can get started with virtualization, with or without a lot of tools. Read Scott Lowe's recent vWord column online or in the recent print issue of Virtualization Review; it's a good resource to get started.

I want to offer encouragement. Virtualization is a technology that can apply to any organization, big or small. Virtualization is not just VMware-based big metal in datacenters. Sure, that segment of virtualization has changed my life. But the opportunities are so broad in virtualization, that I feel anyone can do it with the right resources and desires to succeed.

Aside from large datacenter virtualization, there is an incredible small and medium business market that can benefit from virtualization. I am convinced someone can get very wealthy from free virtualization products. If you become familiar enough with the free ESXi or Hyper-V offerings, there could be a very lucrative consulting business with these products.

Developing skills in popular tools like VMware vCenter Converter, Windows Server operating systems and VMware ESXi can lead to opportunities in consulting for the very small business that can lead to additional growth. Further, I can officially say that 'mastering' the standalone vCenter Converter tool is truly not a challenge. Windows Server is pretty straightforward as well. ESXi is quite a bit different for the run-of-the-mill Windows administrator, but even virtualization people don't spend much time outside of the vSphere Client while working with ESXi.

Do you see obstacles in gaining experience with virtualization or how to get started? If so, I can help. Post a comment below or e-mail me directly and I'll provide coaching to get you started.

Posted by Rick Vanover on 12/01/2009 at 12:47 PM


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