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Cisco VPN Help -- I'm Begging

I use a 17" MacBook Pro (2GB, Intel Dual Core, OS 10.4.10) as my main work computer. I'm having ginormous problems getting this thing to work with my VPN so I can get to corporate e-mail. I keep getting an "Error 51 cannot connect to the vpn subsystem with the Cisco VPN client..." message. Thus, I have to use Outlook Web Access to get my e-mail. OWA is OK for when you're on the road and all, but trying to use it day-to-day for e-mail is a fate worse than death.

Suggestions welcome, encouraged, demanded, begging on my hands and knees for, before I go ballistic and start looking for small animals to kill. I'm here.

Posted on 09/14/2007 at 12:48 PM


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